Rumor: Washing clothes for newborns should be soaked in salt water and scalded with boiling water? Parents, don't hear it

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Rumor: Washing clothes for newborns should be soaked in salt water and scalded with boiling water? Parents, don't hear it

With only a few weeks to go before her due date, pregnant mother Lingling began to feel anxious, seeing her belly swell like a balloon every day. However, the maternity bag was not ready yet, and the child's clothes were also hung with tags and had not been cleaned. Everything seemed to be in an unready state. Lingling thought that it was not easy for her to move, let alone squatting to wash clothes. Powerless. Suddenly Lingling remembered that when the neighbor's daughter-in-law was about to give birth, the balcony was full of newborn clothes. And every sunny day, the neighbor's mother-in-law will wash these small clothes again and dry them again. The child has not yet been born, why repeat the washing of the child's clothes? Is there so much attention to laundry for a newborn? To this end, she specifically asked her neighbor's mother-in-law for advice on how to do laundry for the newborn. From her neighbor's "experience", Lingling learned that washing clothes for a newborn is different from that of an adult, and there are many "processes". First, you need to soak the newborn's clothes in salt water for half an hour, and then scald them with boiling water. After ironing, you need to dry them several times on sunny days. Neighbors "claimed" that by doing this, the formaldehyde on the clothes can be cleaned and the children can wear them with confidence. Seeing that the due date was approaching, Lingling was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, hurriedly checked the next weather, and hurriedly planned to start various "processes" of laundry. "Leave the laundry to me, and you have a hundred hearts." Lingling's husband was very considerate and took care of all the work of washing the newborn's clothes. When she agreed, she was very refreshing, but when she really wanted to wash the children's clothes, Lingling's husband was dumbfounded. I don't know why, after being scalded in boiling water at high temperature, the pink and tender new clothes seem to be deformed and shrunk, and the feel to the touch has also changed from comfortable to hard. Lingling's husband seems to have done something wrong. Children are generally, waiting for the wife's rebuke. And Lingling also found out that something was wrong. The skin of newborns is delicate. After these kinds of processes, the clothes feel much worse to the touch. Is it still suitable for babies? In order to understand the doubts in happiness, she hurried to the bookstore, bought an encyclopedia of parenting, and began to study the preparations for the newborn. I don't know if I don't learn it. It turns out that washing clothes for newborns does have a lot of "specialty". But this is not the other. It turns out that soaking in salt water and scalding with boiling water are both wrong. They are not helpful for removing formaldehyde from clothes. Instead, they will damage the clothes, change the fiber structure of the clothes, and make the clothes deform, shrink, and become rough. This so-called "trick" of washing clothes is a misunderstanding of many novice parents. After studying, Lingling realized later that she regretted that she should not "hearsay" about washing the newborn's clothes. Seeing this, about how to wash the newborn's clothes, maybe new parents have a lot of questions: Is it necessary to wash the newborn's clothes? How many times should I wash? What to wash with? and so on. Don't worry, next, I will prepare a comprehensive newborn laundry strategy for you, please keep it for prospective parents.

Soak in salt water and scald? Newborn laundry guide, "prospective parents" please keep it away

warm water vs boiling water? In the eyes of many expectant mothers, boiling water is an "artifact" for sterilization and disinfection. But all the items that the newborn needs to use and the clothes to wear, they want to soak them in boiling water, so that they can feel at ease. In fact, baby bottles, etc. do need high temperature disinfection, and baby clothes do not need to be scalded with boiling water. Because most of the newborn's clothes are made of pure cotton, which is very soft. After soaking in boiling water, the fiber structure in the clothes will be damaged to a certain extent, and the clothes may be deformed, shrunk, or even hardened. Therefore, the water for washing clothes for newborns, prospective parents do not need to pursue a high temperature of 100 degrees, just use warm water of 40 degrees. Hand wash vs machine wash? Some expectant mothers throw the clothes into the washing machine directly when washing their newborns because of the inconvenience of their big stomachs. Some indifferent elderly people even put their clothes directly into the washing machine for washing. There's no real debate about whether newborn clothes should be machine-washed or hand-washed. Unless you can buy a special children's washing machine for your child, in other cases, it should be washed by hand. Never put children's clothes in the daily washing machine, or mix them with adults' clothes. The resistance of newborns is poor, and adults' clothes will inevitably carry a lot of bacteria. It is not correct to mix children's clothes with adults' clothes. In addition, in the daily washing machine, it is inevitable to hide dirt and dirt, and it will also "contaminate" children's clothes. Therefore, in addition to using a baby-specific washing machine, it is best to wash your baby's clothes by hand. Saltwater bubbles vs baby laundry detergent? Some expectant mothers will soak their newborn's clothes with salt water to achieve the effect of sterilizing and removing formaldehyde. In fact, the formaldehyde on the baby's clothes can be cleaned with water. In addition, if you want to soak newborn clothes with salt water to achieve the effect of sterilization, it is not recommended, the effect is not good, you need to use a very high concentration of salt water. In addition, the residual salt on the clothes may also cause damage to the baby's delicate skin. It is recommended that prospective parents use baby-specific laundry detergent to clean baby's clothes. Baby-specific laundry detergent is less irritating and will not harm the baby's skin. In addition, after washing the laundry detergent with water many times, prospective parents also need to dry and sterilize the newborn's clothes in the sun.

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The reason why prospective parents should pay more attention to the clothes of their newborns is because the baby's skin barrier function is immature and it is easy to stimuli from the outside world. Therefore, before the birth of the newborn, parents should prepare clean and comfortable clothes for the baby in advance to welcome the arrival of the baby. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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