The rumor is coming, do you still dare to give your child a "supplement" that is dirtier than waste oil?

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The rumor is coming, do you still dare to give your child a "supplement" that is dirtier than waste oil?

Seeing that her son was half a head shorter than her peers of the same age, Doudou's mother couldn't help but sigh. Mother Doudou and her husband are not tall, so they suffered a lot in terms of height. The most worrying thing for the couple is that their baby son will not grow into a "big and tall man" in the future, and he has no advantage in height. Every spring and summer is the "golden season" for children to grow taller. Seeing that children from other families are springing up like bamboo shoots after a rain, they suddenly grow a lot taller, but their own son's height has not grown, and Doudouma is anxious. Often sleepless nights. It is said that "going to the doctor in a hurry", in order to make her baby son grow taller quickly, Doudou's mother inquired about various "home remedies" to promote her child's height, and wanted to make up for her child in the summer. She heard that it is very nourishing to eat honey for children. The grandson of the neighbor eats the honey brought by his hometown all the year round, and he is almost catching up with his mother at a young age. Doudou's mother was itching and wanted to give it a try for her son. She thought that honey itself is a kind of food, even if it does not have the effect of "growing taller", it is safe for children to eat it. Once, on her way back to the countryside, she happened to meet a villager selling "local honey" on the street. Don't look at this small pot of "local honey", the price is not cheap, but for the sake of the child's growth and development, Doudou's mother gritted her teeth and bought several cans in one go. After returning home, Mother Doudou found out that the "local honey" that this "communion" referred to was very rudimentary and did not even have a basic production date. She was a little uneasy in her heart, and immediately tried the taste of honey. The sweetness was very high, which was very different from the honey bought in the supermarket before. Just as the neighbors went out, Doudou asked the neighbors to check whether the honey was authentic "local honey". The neighbor picked out a little bit with a spoon and tasted it, frowned, and quickly asked Doudouma where she bought the "sweet honey". After listening to Doudouma's answer, the neighbor told her with certainty that she might have bought "fake honey". When Doudouma heard the neighbor's words, she was terrified, but fortunately, she had a good heart and let the neighbors have a taste. Otherwise, this fake honey is eaten by the child, and I don't know what the consequences will be. Doudouma regretted it a lot. She shouldn't trust the vendors on the roadside. The "sweet honey" in their mouths may be fake honey mixed with many additives. CCTV has exposed some places where fake honey is made. The level of "dirty" in the production of fake honey is unbelievable. Fake honey in a filthy vat is like "waste oil", even a hundred times dirtier than "waste oil". It is these "fake honey" that, after a series of packaging, pretend to be "authentic honey", which is bought by people and eaten by children. Unwitting parents still regard it as a treasure and call it a "supplement". In fact, the real face of these fake honeys is not a supplement, but more like a "poison". In fact, parents like Doudouma are not uncommon. Parents are all "loving their children" and want their children to grow taller and be smarter. Sometimes, anxiety can make parents lose their minds, "go to the doctor in a hurry", give their children so-called "supplements", and listen to so-called folk "home remedies".

These kinds of foods seem to be "nutritious", but they are not. Parents should give their children less food

Finely processed fish balls, shrimp balls, crab sticks In shopping malls, we can often see bags of fish balls, shrimp balls, crab sticks and other ingredients for sale. These ingredients have been refined, and they only need to be boiled briefly, the taste is very good, and they can easily capture the hearts of children. Some parents mistakenly believe that these foods such as meatballs and crab sticks are foods with high nutritional value. Since children like to eat, they will often buy them for their children. Parents foolishly think that eating too much is good for their health. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of parents. In these finely processed meatballs, crab sticks and other foods, the meat content is very small, but a large number of food additives are added, such as gelatin, flavor, pigment, whitening agent, etc., and the nutritional value is extremely low. It is not good for children to eat too much, but it will harm their health. Therefore, parents should try not to give or give their children such foods as little as possible. ●Milk-flavored beverages Many parents know the importance of milk to the growth and development of their children, so they will consciously cultivate their children's habit of drinking milk every day, but parents must pay more attention to the choice of milk. Not all drinks with the word "milk" or "milk" are milk. When buying milk for children, parents must pay more attention to the ingredient list. For milk suitable for children, the ingredient list is simple and clean. In many cases, there is only raw milk as an ingredient. In order to obtain higher profits, some businesses have launched drinks such as "walnut milk" and "banana milk". These drinks are in the name of milk, but they do the thing of "pitting" the baby. They can't really be called milk, they can only be called milk-flavored beverages. They tend to taste better and sweeter than pure milk because of the large amount of white sugar, additives, and preservatives in its ingredient list. Children who drink this kind of "milk" are not only unfavorable for growing up, but may also become a "little fat pier" because of too much sugar intake. ●Fruit and Vegetable Chips Children are picky eaters and don't like vegetables, which is a common trouble for many mothers. Merchants seized the pain point of mothers and launched the so-called healthy snack "fruit and vegetable chips". He also said that it doesn't matter if the children don't like vegetables, they can eat fruit and vegetable chips instead. So, are fruit and vegetable crisps really advertised as healthy by businesses? In fact, mothers only need to look at the ingredient list on the packaging bag of these fruit and vegetable chips to know if they can use this snack as a substitute for vegetables. The reason why fruit and vegetable chips are loved by children is that in the process of making it, a lot of oil, salt, sugar, etc. need to be added to taste. It is high in fat, mostly over 30%. It’s okay for children to eat once in a while, but it’s useless to eat too much.

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It is understandable that parents want to nourish their children's body and nutrition. However, when choosing three meals a day for children and choosing a variety of foods, parents must keep their eyes open and do more "homework". (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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