Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang's 160 million mansion was exposed, but it is so low-key, and the concept of parenting is worth learning.

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Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang's 160 million mansion was exposed, but it is so low-key, and the concept of parenting is worth learning.

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing, who are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, live like ordinary people. They posted photos of their lives on social media, which attracted countless comments from netizens. In an interview program, Deng Yaping asked Guo Jingjing: Would you send your child to practice diving? Guo Jingjing: Probably not. Deng Yaping: Is it because it is too hard? Guo Jingjing: Maybe it's because I don't read too much, I want them to read more. Guo Jingjing said that she would not choose to send her children to practice diving, because she did not read too many books herself, so she wanted her children to study hard and let them have other choices in life besides sports.

First, attach importance to children's education,

She usually appears very low-key and frugal. In the interview, she accidentally revealed that her son is in kindergarten, and the annual tuition fee is as high as 14 Ten thousand. Although we ordinary people can't compare with her, I believe that now parents attach great importance to their children's education, and knowledge can change their destiny. She also said that she is a strict mother, strict with her children, and cultivate a good habit of reading.

First, she is not spoiled for her children

Many wealthy children have seen the past It's the little master, the little princess. The few photos Guo Jingjing posted are eye-opening for us. She has always been thrifty, and his husband was deeply influenced by it, and the children were not spoiled. Let's go to planting rice together to experience rural life, and feel the hard work of planting grain from personal practice. Although it is mud, it is difficult to hide the happiness of the family. Parents who raise unpampered children can set principles for them. Children will encounter many setbacks on the way to grow up. Parents should teach their children the courage to face setbacks and not be discouraged when their children do wrong. Don't help children avoid mistakes, but guide them correctly. Let the child participate in the housework and let the child learn from it. The child does not have to agree immediately to what he wants. The child can be rewarded by completing the tasks such as the mother's request.

Second, do not waste food

A photo of Guo Jingjing and her husband and children sitting around the dining table, their meals are no different from our ordinary people, with their rich The financial strength can fully allow children to enjoy a comfortable dining environment and delicious food, but it does not. Simple home-cooked meals that don't go to waste. Raise your child not to waste food. The traditional virtue of hard work.

Second, parents effectively accompany their children

Parents accompany their children does not mean that parents sit with their mobile phones and play with their mobile phones to accompany their children, parents are a mirror of the children . Every word and deed of the parents will be seen by the baby and imitated. It is said that children are born performers. Therefore, parents should pay attention to their words and deeds in front of their children. Seeing the evil photos of their family climbing on the Internet is really enviable. Modern people are often widowed parenting, with only the mother to accompany the baby. Dads work hard, and some do not accompany their babies, but play games on their mobile phones. Parents should put down their mobile phones to effectively accompany their children, establish parent-child interaction, and enhance mutual feelings. In "Wife's Romantic Travel", Cheng Lisha asked Xie Na: "Doesn't your mother help you take care of the children?" Xie Na said that parents occasionally come to see the children, but they don't need them to take the children. Most of the children are taken by her and Jie Ge in turn! Since Xie Na gave birth to twin daughters, when Danglu Happy Camp ended, she immediately boarded the plane and went back to accompany the children. Although she is very busy, she knows the importance of being with her children. Although we are usually very busy with work, we are willing to take that precious time to accompany our children. Although we have been with them for a while, it is highly efficient. Accompanying children to participate in outdoor sports, let the children feel the full love of their parents in the game, and learn to be confident and brave in a loving family, which will be helpful for the future development of the children. (The picture comes from the Internet, and the infringement contact is deleted) Follow me @full-time Baoma jojo #0-6 years old parenting classic# Let's discuss and share the stories on the way of parenting
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