A guide for novice mothers to avoid pits: Are you still buying the expensive and useless "artifact with baby"?

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A guide for novice mothers to avoid pits: Are you still buying the expensive and useless "artifact with baby"?

As a novice mother, the process of raising a child is like an adventure. After passing five levels and killing six generals, every time you are fighting monsters and leveling up to clear levels, from pregnancy to childbirth to the birth of a baby, every mother is both happy and broken. . We all know that raising a child is not easy. The process of raising a child is a process of falling out of the pit and getting up to continue the cycle. Even if you are tired, you still have to keep stumbling forward. On the road of raising a child, we are all It is easy to follow the trend and buy lessons for beginners.

One, baby crib

I bought the baby crib during pregnancy. The baby has slept a few times and spent several hundred yuan to buy it. Carrying the baby over to drink milk, sometimes I am confused and afraid of falling the baby. So basically the kids sleep next to them. When the baby sleeps beside him, he can better observe the baby, whether he is covered by the quilt, etc. When sleeping with the baby, you must not press the baby and keep a proper distance.

Second, styling pillows

Many businesses have blown styling pillows into the sky to prevent flat heads. The older generation of parents liked to sleep with flat heads for their children, but modern people prefer to sleep with round heads for their babies. I also bought the styling pillow at the time. Because I have a flat head and it is not good-looking, I hope the baby sleeps with a good head shape. Looking at the head shape of Liu Yifei and Liu Shishi, I think Liu Yifei's round head shape looks better, and the stereotype pillow can't sleep well at all. Instead, there are some complete hidden dangers. .

Third, baby gloves

The baby gloves were bought by my mother-in-law at the time. It is said that wearing them can prevent children's nails from scratching their faces... In fact, the best solution is to cut the nails frequently. The bones of the newborn baby are not fully developed yet. Wearing it for a long time will not only affect the development speed of the little hands, but also hinder the blood circulation. Even if the baby scratches the face, the metabolism of the baby's new city will be faster for a day or two. Don't trap your baby's little hands that want to explore the world.

Fourth, baby walker

I just read the news a few days ago that my baby was playing by himself in the baby walker, and he got scalded when he touched the boiling water on the table. My mother-in-law and father-in-law asked me to buy a walker, saying that they let the baby learn to walk like this at that time. I refused, and I see many cases of such injuries. The wheels of the walker roll too fast, and if you accidentally rush down the stairs when you move, you won't have time to grab your baby. In 2011, the "Technical Guidelines for Children's Fall Intervention" issued by the former Ministry of Health of my country clearly pointed out that parents are not recommended to use baby walkers for infants.

Fifth, be sure to moisturize and care for your baby when you go out.

At that time, my mother-in-law said that the baby's skin is delicate and should not be applied, but I fell into the pit again. The epidemic basically did not go out much, and it was necessary to get vaccinated at that time. It was a bit windy that day, and the baby was more than three months old. I went to the community to get vaccinated because I didn't do any care for the baby's face. When I got home at night, I found that the baby's face started to turn red, which scared me. Like a red butt, I thought I had a fever, but it was really anxiety. After retreating a bit, I contacted a friend later and said that the baby should take good care of it when going out, and you can apply moisturizing cream. The baby's skin itself is relatively delicate, and it is especially easy to dry and eczema when the sun is exposed to the wind and the eczema becomes serious. Fifth, diapers will not cover the baby's red ass.

In summer, some mothers heard the old people say not to use diapers, it is cooler to use diapers, and the current diapers are also well designed and very breathable , The diaper is often washed and not clean, and it is easy to carry bacteria, which is even worse for the baby. Parents who dare not put diapers on their babies, most of them are afraid of covering their red buttocks, clean and moisturise their babies, apply Vaseline or a diaper cream containing zinc oxide to the baby, and the baby's red buttocks will be It will be effectively improved, so parents don't have to worry too much. What do you think is the most useless baby-carrying artifact in the family? Some people say it's a baby dad. It's not easy for Mom and Dad to bring a baby. Let's work together and wish the baby grow up safely and healthily. @Full-time treasure mom jojo
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