Dog days grandma likes to "bring the baby blindly and diligently", mother should stop it immediately, don't be afraid to offend the old man

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Dog days grandma likes to "bring the baby blindly and diligently", mother should stop it immediately, don't be afraid to offend the old man

Text | Yingma's twins were brought to their grandparents for a month in their hometown, from a chubby little cutie to a black African! Dad posted a video saying that grandparents and mother are taking care of the children at home, and the children do not want to go out to the sun all the time, so after a month of sun exposure, they really become like black Africans, but many netizens have commented that the children It's hard to come back in vain after it becomes so black. Netizens say that their children are sunburned, and now they can't recover! The twins should be around 5 months! In fact, the sun is really wrong!

In the dog days of the dog days, there are several kinds of blind diligence behaviors that grandma brings with children, and mothers must prevent

The first kind of blind diligent behavior: blind diligence In the latest "Advice on the Prevention and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency and Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets" in China, it is emphasized that 6-month-old infants should not be exposed to direct sunlight to avoid skin damage. The American Cancer Society has also found that premature exposure to UV rays is more likely to develop skin problems in adulthood. Therefore, the child should try not to bask in the sun too much before 6 months, and after 6 months, the child should try to bask in the sun under the shade of a tree instead of directly under the sun, especially in dog days, the sun's ultraviolet rays It is so strong that it is very harmful to children's skin. Not only will it damage the child's skin, but it may also increase the probability of heat stroke in the child. The second kind of blind and diligent behavior: use shower gel every time when the child sweats a lot in summer, bathe the child with shower gel. In fact, the child should try to use the shower gel as little as possible when he is young. Use shower gel once every two days instead of bathing your child with shower gel diligently every day. Shower gel has a cleansing effect and will clean the sebaceous glands on the child's skin, which is not conducive to protecting the child's skin. In the hot summer, some children have to take a bath 2-3 times a day. If they use shower gel every time, it will irritate their delicate skin. The third kind of blind and diligent behavior: Dressing the child too much. There is a saying among the elderly that the child has no June day! It is true that the neutral fat in the child's body is relatively small, and the body surface dissipates heat quickly, so it is easy to lose temperature, but in such a hot weather in summer, the outdoor temperature is even the same as the temperature of our human body, so don't give it when it reaches 37 degrees. Children wear too many clothes. In summer, children can wear a short-sleeved clothes. Touch the back of the child when dressing the child. If it is warm enough, it means that it is not cold. Never let your child cover the child in three layers and three layers in the summer, which will lead to prickly heat all over the body, and even cause the child to suffer from heat stroke and dehydration. The fourth kind of blind and diligent behavior: bathing children with ten drops of water. Folks use ten drops of water to take a bath. It is generally said that children have prickly heat, and many parents have used it and indeed said that it is effective, but there are three main ingredients in ten drops of water. One is camphor, another is ethanol, and another is chili pepper, and camphor is actually toxic to children. In case of accidental ingestion by a child, it may cause a toxic reaction. Although it is used on the skin, it may be absorbed through the skin if used in large quantities, which is not conducive to the health of the child. Ethanol and pepper are irritating, and the child's skin is relatively delicate. , the feeling is more sensitive, and it is easy to stimulate the child's skin, causing the child to feel uncomfortable. To prevent prickly heat in summer, it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner for the child to cool down. The fifth kind of blind and diligent behavior: Piss the child's feces and urine. Don't put on diapers for the child in summer. It's too hot, covering the child's buttocks and turning red, so in the summer, put the child's crotch pants on, and give the child's feces and urine. Giving a child to pee and pee too early may damage the child's spine and may also be detrimental to the maturity of the child's anal sphincter. Studies have found that putting poop and urinating on a child may delay the time when the child learns to defecate on his own. For example, a child who wears a diaper will be able to defecate on his own when he is one and a half years old, but it may be two years old or even two years old. You can learn to pee on your own when you are old. In the dog days, the mother must stop these kinds of confusing behaviors of grandma with her baby as soon as possible. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, it will be deleted immediately.)
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