The gap between children who can eat ice cream and those who can't eat ice cream in summer becomes more prominent

time:2022-12-02 author:Cry
The gap between children who can eat ice cream and those who can't eat ice cream in summer becomes more prominent

Wen|Yingma Zhihu has a hot post: 5 years old and still don't know what ice cream tastes like, is it really good? A little girl mentioned that she was restrained by her parents since she was a child, and she was never allowed to eat ice cream. Since she grew up without the control of her parents, he began to eat ice cream and various snacks like crazy. Ice cream is all wholesale, and all kinds of snacks are also bought in boxes. In fact, it is to compensate for the shortcomings of childhood. It is not good for children to eat ice cream. High fat and high calories are easy to gain weight. Children eat ice cream too cold, which is not good for the spleen and stomach. You don't give your child to eat, other children can eat it, the envious look when your child watches other children eat, the feeling of saliva flowing out and swallowing, don't you feel sorry for the child? ? In fact, snacks can make children secrete happy dopamine. Even celebrity children like to eat ice cream. For example, Kunling once shared that their children are very noisy when they are on the plane. Once they told their children that as long as you get on the plane Let the flight attendant give you ice cream if you don't make any noise, so the child doesn't make any noise all the way. This is also enough to explain the child's love for ice cream. In fact, we only need to limit the amount of ice cream that children eat, instead of completely preventing children from eating ice cream. Completely eliminating ice cream will make the child's heart always think about ice cream. The more you oppress it, the more the child may resist. When the child grows up and has his own pocket money, he will spend all his pocket money on ice cream, which will hurt his body more easily.

Children who are allowed to eat ice cream from a young age and those who are not allowed to eat ice cream at all are likely to have a gap in these aspects when they grow up

First : Self-control Since childhood, parents will have some accommodation for things that their children yearn for, instead of completely prohibiting them. This will make the child more self-control when he grows up, because he knows that this thing is just the same, I can eat it or not. If you are completely banned from eating ice cream by your parents since childhood, you will eat whatever you want when you grow up, regardless of whether it is healthy or not. There is a Pandora effect in psychology, the more forbidden, the more aroused the child's desire. Second: the child's self-confidence The child is expressing his desire to eat ice cream to the parents, in fact, he wants the parents to see his desire. I hope my parents can satisfy me. But if parents reject their children again and again in the name of being good for their children, it will make the children feel that their parents don’t understand them at all, they don’t love them at all, they are not worthy of love, and they will make the children feel inferior. If parents set certain conditions for their children when they want to eat ice cream, for example, they can only eat a small stick at a time, and eat twice a week, so that they have principles and can satisfy their children's wishes, which will allow children to eat ice cream. more confident.

Parents should know how to properly feed their children ice cream

It is best not to buy commercially available ice cream before the age of two. Before the age of two, I was still adding complementary foods, and I didn’t have much preference for snacks. Therefore, as a parent, we should select healthier foods for our children, and choose nutritious complementary foods for our children as much as possible. If you make your own ice cream at home, you can give Children try it, but it is not recommended to buy ice cream from outside, because the additives and sugar will be relatively high. ★It is important to choose ice cream after the child is three years old. When choosing ice cream, the main ingredient should be milk, or whole milk powder as the main ingredient, which will have slightly higher nutritional value. Choose higher in protein and lower in carbs on the Nutrition Facts list. It is best to give your child no more than 50 grams of ice cream each time. Try to feed your child after meals. Children's snacks, it is unlikely to completely ban, learn to choose scientifically and eat healthily.
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