In the first year of being a mother, there is a cruelty called "weaning the mother", and the child is very hurt

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In the first year of being a mother, there is a cruelty called "weaning the mother", and the child is very hurt

Text | Mother Ying's cousin was weaning her one-year-old child in March. At that time, he ran back to his parents' house by himself, and then left the child at home for his grandmother to take. Every day, she didn't dare to video with the child, but secretly asked her grandmother about the child's condition. The grandmother said that the child cried and called her mother for the first two nights. By the third day, it was much better, and she was willing to drink milk powder. I also like to play during the day, but occasionally I call my mother. On the 6th day, the child stopped looking for his mother all day, and the mother-in-law told my cousin that the child should not look for you now and can come back. My cousin bought a big doll and went home. When she got home, she saw her daughter sitting in the living room and playing with toys. She took this doll and told the child that baby mother bought you a foreign sister, and the child took it happily. Doll, when the cousin wanted to hug her daughter, her daughter struggled to leave her cousin's arms and went to play with the doll alone. The cousin thinks that the child may see the toys as fun, but the daughter ignores her all day long. When she is going to sleep with her daughter at night, the daughter reaches out to her grandmother and says she wants to sleep with her. Disgusted by my daughter! My cousin said in the family group that I would go back to my parents’ home and weaned for a week. Now my daughter doesn’t want me anymore. I told her at the time that you deserve it, why do you have to leave your daughter after weaning? Your weaning style will make the child feel that you don't want her anymore, and she will feel abandoned in her heart. She thinks that you don't want her anymore, and the child's sense of security and attachment has been destroyed. Her behavior like this is called avoidant attachment, because she's been hurt with you and she doesn't trust you anymore. My cousin panicked and said what should I do? I said you can only keep approaching the child, tell the child why you want to leave her, and apologize to the child. In fact, there are still many mothers using weaning methods like cousins! This is very cruel to the child's psychology. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until the child is two years old and then weaning naturally. Whether you are feeding to two years old or not, it is recommended to wean gradually.

Mothers are prone to fall into these three misunderstandings when weaning, not only hurting their children but also themselves

Misunderstanding 1: Weaning separately from children That is, when weaning, the mother does not see the child, the mother goes to one place, and the baby is in another place, so that the child cannot see the mother. This will make the child feel very panic. It can make children feel insecure. Misunderstanding 2: Putting bitter or spicy things on the breasts I remember that when our sister-in-law next door was weaning his baby, he just put some peppers on the breasts. I stopped drinking several times. This method is also cruel to the child, for the breast is the source of all his happiness as a child. Putting chili pepper on something bitter can make the child wean, but it also makes the child very miserable. Why does the thing that has always made him happy become so painful? It will make him puzzled. The third misunderstanding: suddenly decide that when some mothers want to wean, they want to wean today, and they will not feed their children the next day. Such a sudden weaning is not only unbearable for the child, but also for the mother. Mom's breasts are prone to inflammation, and her breasts are as hard as a rock. It is recommended to start preparing at least one month in advance. It is recommended that the mother gradually reduce the intake of milk, various soups and even meat foods, and try to reduce the intake of some foods that stimulate milk secretion. And the frequency of breastfeeding should be gradually reduced, from three times to two times, and then slowly to once, so that the baby can adapt to the mother's chest gradually, and it will not be uncomfortable. The above misunderstandings of weaning, I hope mothers will not make them, otherwise it will not only hurt the child's psychology, but also affect the mother's health. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, it will be deleted immediately.)
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