The child was scalded by 100-degree boiling water. The parent only flushed the water for 10 seconds without taking off his clothes, hurting the child

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The child was scalded by 100-degree boiling water. The parent only flushed the water for 10 seconds without taking off his clothes, hurting the child

Text | Ying's mother, a little girl of about 3 years old was lying on the hospital bed and crying. The doctor held scissors in one hand and supported the child in the other. . Seeing that the child was crying hoarsely, the doctor could only stop the movements in his hands, covered the child's stomach with a piece of gauze, and said to the child, "Okay, okay, I won't cut you!" It turned out that the little girl was scalded by 100-degree boiling water at home, and the scalded area was very large, up to 30%, mainly superficial second-degree burns and some deep second-degree burns! This little girl is the eldest in a family with a second child. The mother takes care of the child at home, while the father works in the factory. The family's economic conditions are not very good, so the care of the child may be rough. The little girl was probably playing or accidentally touching the boiled water at home. The water poured on her body, and her stomach and arms were burned. When she was sent to the hospital, the doctor bandaged her. , The little girl didn't cry. Her parents thought the little girl was good, but the doctor said it wasn't because the little girl was good. Because of the large-scale burns, the little girl was already in a state of shock. This situation actually represented the child. Very serious! Because of poor economic conditions, the parents were discharged from the hospital thinking about their child to deal with it. The doctor tried his best to tell the parents about the serious consequences, because the parents did not deal with it properly when the child was scalded. I only flushed for about 10 seconds, and then I rushed to the hospital without helping the child to cut the clothes. As a result, I missed the best period for the treatment of the child's scald. When I came to the hospital, I was already in a state of shock. If the burnt area of ​​the child's skin is not treated in time, there will be scars in the future. Long scars not only make the child look ugly, but the most important thing is that this part is often painful and itchy, and because the scar pulls the child's skin tissue, it will affect the child's future height growth and affect the child's growth and development! Such a little girl, because of the negligence of the parents, because the parents did not learn to deal with the burns in time, resulting in such serious consequences, the later treatment is also a great deal for this family with a very average economy. burden! Such serious consequences are caused by the fact that the parents did the wrong thing in the first time after the child was scalded! Flushing for 10 seconds without uncovering the clothes is too perfunctory for the treatment of severe and large-scale burns in children!

After scalding, parents should do these 5 steps at home for an hour to avoid serious injury to the child

Step 1: Use running water After the child is scalded for half an hour, the parent should carry the child to the bathroom and use the flowing cold water to irrigate the child's wound. The stimulation of the temperature makes the burn more serious. When flushing children, you must remember that the water flow should not be too large, do not use the water flow like washing a car, just use the water flow intensity when we usually wash our hands. Rinse the child with running water for enough time, at least 20 minutes, preferably up to half an hour, because after the child is scalded by boiling water, his skin will continue to heat up, and flushing with running water can cool down and avoid more serious injuries . Step 2: Cut clothes with scissors If the scalded part is covered by foreign objects, use scissors to gently cut the clothes along the intact skin, and gently uncover the clothes covering the wound , try to move as gently as possible to avoid further tearing of the wound. Step 3: Soak your child's scalded skin in cold water, or even throw in some ice cubes. Cooling the skin further can relieve the burning sensation and prevent the burn from getting worse. Step 4: Cover with a clean cloth Find out the clean gauze or pure cotton cloth in the house and cover it on the child's scalded skin, so as to prevent the bacteria in the air from contacting the child's skin and causing infection. Step 5: Send to the hospital as soon as possible. Children with scalded blisters and large areas must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. Only after I went to the hospital did the doctor know how to treat the child with different degrees of burns and scald. The doctor will use different medicines to further clean up and bandage the child. For example, the little girl above has a large area of ​​burns, and her epidermis has a lot of necrosis. If it is not cut off in time, the scars on the child's body will regenerate, which will affect the child's future growth and development. In winter, many families like to drink 100-degree hot water or put the hot soup on the dining table when making soup, but if you have children, you must pay attention. All things that can be touched by children, the temperature is best controlled below 50 degrees, so as to prevent children from being scalded. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, it will be deleted immediately.)
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