The newborn baby was born in the delivery room, and the relatives came to pick it up and was rejected by the nurse: the baby's first hug belongs only to the father

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The newborn baby was born in the delivery room, and the relatives came to pick it up and was rejected by the nurse: the baby's first hug belongs only to the father

This article was originally written by Tuanzi Mom Parenting. Personal comments and sharing of the birth of a new life are welcome. For a family, it can be said to be a "great event". And with the family's long-awaited, the baby was finally born. After the baby was born, in addition to the mother in the delivery room, the family members who were waiting outside could finally meet the new member. Especially when the nurse went out with the baby in her arms, almost everyone would swarm over and scramble to meet the baby. Especially the elders in the family couldn't help but take the baby from the nurse's hand and hug it. However, the "first hold" of the baby is very particular, not just what you want to hold.

A relative came up to hold the newborn baby, but was rejected by the nurse

Do you still remember who was the first when the baby was born? A baby to hold first? Many mothers must be unaware of this issue. After all, they are not present at this time, and if the person holding the baby is not designated in advance, it is generally the elderly at home, especially grandma or grandma. However, a video content on the Internet has subverted the public's cognition. Outside the delivery room of a hospital, the newborn baby was picked up by the nurse. At this time, the nurse also looked around, there should be family members of the baby. At this time, an aunt in green clothes stepped forward to pick up the baby from the nurse's hands. It could be seen that the aunt was a relative of the baby, it should be either a grandma or a grandma. Logically speaking, it is understandable to hold the child in such an identity, but unexpectedly, the nurse pushed away the aunt's hand that was about to hold the baby. At this time, the aunt was a little embarrassed, but she still did not step back. It could be seen that she still wanted to hold the child. However, when the nurse asked the baby's father to come and hold the baby, the aunt smiled awkwardly, and then stepped back to make way for the baby's father.

The nurse refused to hold the baby and said bluntly: the baby's first hug belongs only to the father

Seeing the baby father come forward, the nurse will Carefully hand the baby into Daddy's hands, check some information with Daddy, and tell him what to do next. The nurse is even more blunt: the baby's first hug belongs only to the father. For the nurse's practice, many netizens have praised: This is full of ceremonial sense, and she is a very responsible nurse. I hope this approach can be promoted and unified. After all, for babies, no one is closer than parents. Outside the delivery room, when the nurse came out with the baby in her arms, every step she took seemed to be followed by the eyes of the family members. Although everyone loved the baby, the nurse could only give the baby to one person. In the face of everyone in the family who wants to be the first person to hold the baby, nurses have long been surprised by such a scene, and considering that the relationship between the child and the father is closer, in most cases, the nurse will give the baby to the father. hand. In fact, the practice of nurses is not done casually. Even if it is not a father, among all relatives and friends, nurses will focus on selecting a person who is competent for this responsibility, so it may seem like a small thing, but it is inside. Hidden great mystery.

Baby's "first hug" will determine the future appearance? Be careful to break my father's heart

Chinese people have always liked to be "dressy", important things should choose a good day, and when it comes to holding a baby, they should choose a person who thinks they are perfect, so The first person a baby sees after birth will grow according to this person, whether in appearance or personality. But in fact, such a statement seems to have no scientific basis at all. It is more of a good wish from the elders to the child. After all, adults hope that the child can have a healthy and good-looking appearance. However, since there is no basis for such a statement, it means that the child's first hug should use as few outsiders as possible. After all, no matter how good an outsider is, for a child, after all, it is not as close as the blood relationship between the child and the parents. And if everyone wants to hold the baby at the same time, and the father is squeezed to the back, it is difficult for the father to guarantee that he will not be sad.

Baby's "first hug" to dad has many benefits

In fact, after the baby is born, the first thing he wants to see It is nothing more than the father of the child. After all, he has been curious for ten months. At this time, the father should be most interested in knowing what the baby looks like. Moreover, letting the father see the baby for the first time and remembering the appearance and feeling of the baby at that time can play a great role in promoting the care and education of the child in the future. Will be very willing to participate in the child's growth and education. In addition, it must be the wish of many mothers to let the father hold the baby for the first time. I still remember that when the mother of the dumplings just gave birth, she still cared about the first person to hold the baby. Compared with the self-proclaimed experienced mother-in-law, I actually hope that my husband is the first person to hold the baby. It's not that I have a bad relationship with my mother-in-law, but I just hope that the first person I have contact with the baby will be my father, so that the two can get closer in the future. In my heart, the father is still the first person to hold the baby. Today's topic: Do you think it is important who holds the baby first after the baby is born?
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