"Pregnant can't punch holes in the wall"? The way pregnant women install air conditioners can be called "the highest state"

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"Pregnant can't punch holes in the wall"? The way pregnant women install air conditioners can be called "the highest state"

This article was originally created by Tuanzi Mom Parenting. Personal comments and sharing are welcome. As the temperature rises, the hot summer has come. The heat of summer is a big challenge for many people, especially when they are currently pregnant. For pregnant mothers, it is even more difficult. Because the basal metabolic level of pregnant women after pregnancy is higher than that of ordinary people, the body temperature will also increase accordingly, so pregnant women will be more sensitive to heat. If a pregnant woman has been in a state of persistent high fever, it will have a great impact on herself and her baby. Therefore, in summer, pregnant women also need to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, and the most popular cooling method is of course "air conditioning".

Can't punch holes in walls during pregnancy? Pregnant women install air conditioners at the highest level

Pregnancy is a very important thing for a family, so after pregnancy, both the pregnant woman and her family should be very careful, for fear that one accident will What's wrong with the baby in the womb. In particular, the elderly at home have moved out a series of "pregnancy taboos", requiring pregnant women not to do this, or not to do it, otherwise it will be bad for the baby. Although these statements sound fantastic, many pregnant mothers have to follow them out of consideration for the health of their children. If the current necessities of air conditioners are ranked first, it is estimated that no one will object~ But for this pregnant woman, it is not so easy to blow air conditioners by herself. We all know that if you want to install an air conditioner, you need a professional installer to come to your home, and then make holes in the wall before you can hang the air conditioner on the wall. However, there is a local saying for pregnant women that "you can't punch holes in the wall during pregnancy", otherwise there will be a miscarriage. Therefore, if pregnant women want to blow air conditioners, they must first solve the problem of the location of the air conditioner. Looking at the unbearably hot wife, the husband finally came up with a way to move in an elevated ladder from the outside, and fix the air conditioner on the ladder, so that there is no need to punch holes in the wall, and the air conditioner has a height. I have to say that such an installation method can be called "the highest state", and it must be the first time that the installer has such an experience.

"Don't punch holes in walls during pregnancy" is a superstition? It is more about the protection of the safety of pregnant women

"You can't punch holes at home after pregnancy", which is a unique saying of some local people, and even now, many people still believe this. Since ancient times, there have been various taboos for pregnant women. Although they all sound like superstitions, in fact, behind these statements, more is the family's protection of the safety of pregnant women and fetuses. There is noise: When installing the air conditioner, the sound of punching holes in the wall is a typical noise, which will frighten the pregnant mother and the fetus, especially those sounds exceeding 115 decibels, the fetus will hear very clearly. Dust: When installing an air conditioner, it is inevitable that some dust will be generated, and this dust will also cause discomfort to pregnant women, which will then be transmitted to the fetus. In fact, it is very simple to solve such a situation. When the air conditioner is installed at home, the pregnant woman is not at home. You can go downstairs for a walk and wait until the master has installed the air conditioner and then go back.

In hot summer, it is necessary for pregnant women to blow air conditioners

For pregnant women, because the body temperature after pregnancy is often higher than Ordinary people are slightly taller, which makes them more afraid of heat than others. If it is not cooled in time, it will cause symptoms such as heat stroke and dehydration. In addition, excessive body temperature will also make pregnant women the first choice for mosquitoes, which also increases the chance of being infected with bacteria. And through the air conditioner, the room temperature can be well adjusted to the most comfortable state, the pregnant mother will not only feel cool physically, but also relax in the mood, which is naturally more conducive to the development of the fetus.

Will pregnant women blow air conditioners in summer, will the fetus "catch a cold"?

We all know that women cannot "catch cold" during the postpartum confinement period, otherwise it is easy to leave "confinement disease", so during the confinement period, even if it is hot, many mothers still dare not open the Air conditioner to cool down. In addition to postpartum, many pregnant women are not allowed to blow air conditioners during pregnancy. Especially in the eyes of the elderly, they generally believe that the low temperature of the air conditioner will affect the fetus, and even freeze the child. But in fact, the low temperature of the air conditioner will blow directly to the pregnant mother, but it is not so easy to touch the fetus. Because the fetus is protected in a constant temperature environment by the mother's abdominal wall, uterus and amniotic fluid, the low temperature of the air conditioner will not freeze the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy can blow air conditioners with confidence and boldness, as long as they ensure that they do not catch cold and get sick. Tuanzi's mother would like to say: Many of the statements of the older generation cannot stand up to scrutiny, but young children cannot completely ignore the feelings of the elderly, so if the elderly care about such taboos, they have to endure it. When it's too hot to bear, you can complain to your husband, or you can buy an air conditioner fan to deal with it first, or you can go to some public places to grab a free air conditioner. Although there is really no basis for such a statement, pregnant women should not argue with the elderly because of this, after all, emotions during pregnancy are very important to the fetus.
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