"Divorce without having children"! The husband does not want the baby to be sued by the wife, and it is necessary to clarify in advance whether the baby will be born or not

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"Divorce without having children"! The husband does not want the baby to be sued by the wife, and it is necessary to clarify in advance whether the baby will be born or not

This article was originally written by Tuanzi Mom Parenting. Personal comments and sharing are welcome. Since ancient times, getting married and having children has been a major event in life, and when both men and women reach a certain age, these two things seem to have become natural and must be fulfilled. Once they do the opposite, they will be viewed in a different light and even affect the harmony of the family. Edit Search

The husband is unwilling to have a baby, and his wife sues for divorce

With the development of the times, young people’s ideas are in Constantly changing, more and more people choose not to have children, which can be seen intuitively from the number of new births in the country. Since ancient times, having children is something that every family needs to accomplish. Once someone chooses not to have children, it will cause conflicts in the family, especially in the marriage relationship, where two people are not unified in the matter of childbirth. Naturally, the relationship between husband and wife began to falter. After the editor Soutu Zhou married her husband, she found that she and her husband had great disagreements on the matter of "having a child". Her husband refuses to have children, and as a woman, as her age increases, her fertility gradually declines, but her husband has always refused to have children. In this regard, Ms. Zhou felt that if she did not want to let her wish to be a mother dashed, she could only choose to leave. In desperation, Ms. Zhou took her husband to court and asked for a divorce.

Reproductive rights are not just for women, men have the same rights

In the case of Ms. Zhou and her husband, the If things are not unified, natural contradictions will increase sharply with the day, and the right to reproduce is equal, that is, the right to reproduce can be fulfilled. At the same time, not having children is a normal behavior and should not be discriminated against. For consideration of the party with the desire to have children, the court granted the petition for divorce, so that Zhou girls could enjoy the right to have children through other means. Nowadays, we all live in a country with a rule of law, and the law gives every citizen corresponding rights, among which the right to reproduce is a very basic right. Reproductive right refers to the right of citizens to reproduce and raise offspring. Having a child is indeed a major event in life, but both men and women have the right to choose to have or not to have children, and two people need to agree on whether to have children or not. Although it seems that women have a more dominant position in fertility, the importance of men in fertility cannot be ignored. Men have the same reproductive rights as women and can naturally decide whether or not to have children. That is to say, men have the freedom to have children, and they also have the freedom to not have children, so it is not a problem for men to choose not to have children in a husband and wife. Not to mention natural women, because of the freedom of reproductive rights, women can also choose whether to have children according to their own wishes, or whether to interrupt the pregnancy process of the fetus. Among them, men cannot force or force women to conceive and have children. Edit Search

One ​​wants to have children and the other does not want to have children. Are the reproductive rights of both parties conflicting?

Men and women have the same reproductive rights, so if one party wants to have children, the other party doesn't want to have children. Isn't it violating each other's reproductive rights? It is worth noting that women's reproductive freedom does not conflict with men's reproductive rights. Generally speaking, women need to bear more when it comes to giving birth, so when a woman expresses that she chooses not to give birth or that she wants to terminate the pregnancy during the process of giving birth, it is necessary to respect the personal freedom and health of women. Violation of male reproductive rights. However, from the perspective of protecting male reproductive rights, if a man cannot have children because a woman is infertile or because of a physical illness, he can also file for a divorce, but whether it is approved in the end, it is still up to the relevant departments to investigate the fertility. Whether the conflict has affected each other's feelings can only be comprehensively judged at last.

Having a child is a major event, if you have an idea, you must inform it on the premise

In life, although there are "DINK" who do not have children Groups exist, but most couples still hope to have children of their own so that they can enjoy family happiness in the future. But not all people are willing to work hard for the next generation, especially in today's environment of high pressure of raising children, more and more people choose to avoid the responsibility of raising children. However, if you live alone in any form, it is harmless, but if you have formed a family with another person, having a child is no longer a matter that one person can completely control. Therefore, both men and women, once they have the need to choose a spouse, but have no idea of ​​having children, they must explain their attitude to the other half in advance. In this way, the other party can also have time to think about it. Whether it is support or unacceptable, it is better to consider it before marriage. It is better than divorce in the middle of the change after marriage. The editor Soutu Tuanzi's mother wanted to say: Children are the crystallization of the love of husband and wife, but some people choose to embark on a "DINK road" that few people take. This is a free and brave choice. I hope that before taking this road, everyone can choose carefully and consider the price they will pay for it. Whether it is born or not, I hope that you will not regret your original decision.
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