The low risk of non-invasive DNA gave birth to Down's children, and the mother questioned the report fraud: the money was given to the doctor at that time

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The low risk of non-invasive DNA gave birth to Down's children, and the mother questioned the report fraud: the money was given to the doctor at that time

This article was originally created by Tuanzima Parenting. Personal comments are welcome and share the importance of pregnancy inspection during pregnancy. Women who have had pregnancy experience have a deep understanding of it. It allows doctors and mothers to grasp the dynamics of the fetus in real time, and find problems in time. Avoid defects.

Non-invasive DNA test for pregnancy test is low risk, but the baby is born with "Down's child"

The pregnancy is delivered in October, which is The happiest moment for women who are mothers, but there is a mother who pushed the originally peaceful life into a bottomless abyss with the birth of her baby. A mother in Jilin had a pregnancy test at the local county people's hospital last year. Because the data from the Tang screening was close to the dangerous value at that time, the mother spent 880 yuan for a non-invasive DNA test with higher accuracy, and the result was also low. risk. I thought the child would be born safely, but after the child was born, the doctor was diagnosed with "Down syndrome", which is what we call "Down syndrome". The mother was stunned: Obviously, the results of the pregnancy test were normal, how could she still give birth to a child with Down's syndrome?

The pregnancy test is normal but the child with Down syndrome is born. Who should bear the consequences?

The birth of a child with Down syndrome is a big blow to both parents and families, which means that the child will need parental care for a long time in the future. During pregnancy, it is obvious that the corresponding inspection has been done, but it has not been detected and avoided in time, so should the hospital take responsibility for this? In addition, the mother also recalled: At that time, the fee for the examination was not paid through the payment window, but was directly handed over to the doctor in private, and after the child was born, I went to find the examination record at that time and found that there was none at all; At the same time, the inspection done by myself is insured. If there is a problem, you can get 400,000 compensation. However, after asking the insurance company for such an insurance policy, the answer is still "no". That is to say, at that time, it was very likely that after the inspection, the sample was not sent for inspection at all, and the insurance fee was not paid, so naturally the corresponding rights and interests could not be enjoyed in the future. The department has done a good job investigating.

Non-invasive DNA results can be used for reference, but cannot be used as a basis

According to the statistics of the positive rate of non-invasive DNA by national academic authoritative organizations, it is concluded that The detection rate of trisomy 21 by non-invasive DNA is 99.4%, which does not reach 100%, which means that even non-invasive DNA cannot completely detect whether the fetus is Down syndrome. inform. Showing low risk when doing non-invasive DNA does not mean that everything is normal for the fetus. The result of screening is just a risk value, but many times, people are always used to interpret "low risk" as "0", which is obviously incorrect. In medicine, nothing is absolute, just like a paternity test, the final result also shows that the similarity is 99.99%, which is to avoid the corresponding limitations. The accuracy rate of non-invasive DNA itself is not 100%, so if all the operations of doctors, hospitals and inspection institutions are carried out according to regular procedures, and pregnant mothers also followed the doctor's advice for examinations, then the child with problems will also be born. It can only be said that it is "fate". But if the doctor is unprofessional and knows that the pregnant woman's body is not allowed to do non-invasive, and has not proposed to do amniocentesis, it is the doctor's problem; or the pregnant woman is worried about the risk and refuses to do the examination, then the mother also has a certain responsibility; however, If the hospital and the testing agency collude with fraud, or the inspection operation is not standardized, it is really unforgivable. To seek benefits at the expense of a family's happiness, the relevant sense of responsibility must be punished accordingly.

Big question: Why should the money go directly to the doctor?

Under normal circumstances, the doctor prescribes the examinations that pregnant women need to do, and then go to the fixed payment office to pay the fee. However, the mother said that she gave the money directly to the doctor at the time, and the doctor arranged for an examination afterwards. Regarding this phenomenon, in fact, more than one mother has encountered it. When a friend of Tuanzi Mom was undergoing a pregnancy test, the doctor also prescribed a test for her that could not be paid at the "payment office". At that time, the outpatient doctor named the test name. Write it down on a piece of paper and ask a friend to go to an office to find someone to pay. Although the cost is about the same, there is no receipt for this inspection, and apart from this friend, none of us have heard of this inspection. Fortunately, there was no problem with the friend's child later, otherwise who can guarantee that she will not encounter the situation of the mother above? Tuanzimama still remembers that an executive of a company exposed the chaos in the medical examination industry before: some nurses would pretend to be doctors to do ultrasound examinations, draw blood instead of testing, and just throw them out and get the results. The reason behind this is because There is only a 3 in 1,000 chance of finding something wrong. After reading this mother's experience, I have no doubts about the authenticity of this revelation. Why do you have to pay the doctor for the inspection, why is there no inspection record? These are all things to investigate. What is worth affirming is that some of them are bound to seek benefits in it. After the investigation of the problem is clear, I hope to give such a family an explanation, and also to reassure the pregnant mother who continues to check in this hospital. Today's topic: What unconventional operations have you encountered in the hospital?
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