The 3-month-old baby was left to grandma to take care of, and the scene in the monitoring made the baby's parents "bleed"

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The 3-month-old baby was left to grandma to take care of, and the scene in the monitoring made the baby's parents "bleed"

This article was originally created by Tuanzi Mom Parenting. Personal comments and sharing are welcome. For babies born shortly after birth, "crying" is the only way for them to vent and express their emotions. In the face of the baby's crying, the adults in the family naturally hurried to ask for it. Go forward and soothe the baby until the baby's mood settles down. However, a scene in a surveillance video circulating on the Internet recently made it difficult for many netizens to accept, and even felt very distressed for the baby.

Parents go out to talk business, 3-month-old baby is left to grandma to look after

In the surveillance screen, one appears to have three The little baby, about a month old, was lying on the bed alone crying, while crying and staring hard at his little feet. It was obvious that the child should have some needs to be satisfied. However, in the surveillance video, no adults appeared all the time. In this way, the child did not receive a response, cried even louder, and became more and more excited. This state went on from 6:00 to 7:00 for nearly an hour, and there was no one to take care of the baby in between. As a grandma who was supposed to take care of the child, why didn't she show up in time at that time? The reason turned out to be that the child's grandmother went home to pick up the charger, and went to the vegetable market during the process. She thought that the child was sleeping fine, but did not expect the child to wake up in the middle.

Grandma is watching her three-month-old granddaughter at home and parents are heartbroken

and all this happens to be outside The parents of the children who were talking about business saw how helpless and hopeless their daughter should be when they watched her cry alone in bed for an hour and no one cared. dripping blood". The couple didn't care about business either, so they bought the earliest flight and flew back home. Although the child was fine when they got home, once such a situation occurred, it was enough to leave a shadow on the parents for a lifetime. We don't know what the parents of the child will think about this way of bringing the baby, but if it were me, I would probably not use the elderly to see the child in the future.

What are the dangers of a child crying and unsettled for a long time?

Crying is a very common way of communication for babies in the infant stage, and many parents find it difficult for their babies to cry, so they always think about ways to make their babies cry less or not cry. However, this kind of thinking is unrealistic after all, so when new parents can’t bear it, they will put the crying child aside, thinking that the child will stop crying when they are tired. In fact, this approach is very harmful to the baby. big. The baby's daily proper crying is beneficial to development, but once the crying time exceeds 20 minutes, it will have great harm. Because the baby is not comforted by adults in time, the baby will be very disappointed with the parents. The suppressed emotions in the long run will produce "suppressive hormones", which will affect the healthy growth of the baby, and at the same time, there will be an indelible psychological shadow. In addition, the baby crying for a long time is also a kind of damage to the throat. It will not only make the throat hoarse, but also cause vomiting due to the short esophagus. Once it gets stuck and causes suffocation, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, it is normal for the baby to cry. If parents don’t want to comfort them in time, they must control the time. 20 minutes is already a limit. Like the above baby crying for up to 1 hour, it is too dangerous.

Should the baby be thrown to the elderly or take care of by himself?

Of course, in most cases, parents can't bear to see the baby cry for so long. As long as there is someone around the child, they will comfort them in time. But if you really leave the child at home alone like that grandma and go out by yourself, then there is a problem with the child and it cannot be found immediately. Therefore, parents still need to consider carefully when it comes to raising children. From the point of view, the biggest advantage of giving children to the elderly is that parents can worry less, after all, the baby is not in front of them. But while it seems that parents can relax, the disadvantages are also obvious. First of all, the child will lack a sense of security. The child will not grow up with his parents. Even if he can talk to the child through video every day, when the child needs someone to accompany him, at the very least, he can't do the least kissing and hugging. It is only verbal. Concern, most of the children can not understand and feel. Secondly, the baby will not be close to the parents. Because of the long-term distance from the parents, the child will not be too close to the parents. The problem caused by not being close is not only the estrangement in the parent-child relationship, but also the child will not be very obedient when it comes to education in the future. Even because of rebellious mentality, he will develop various bad habits. Tuanzi's mother would like to say: Although in the environment of increasing social pressure, parents all hope to provide the best living conditions for their children, and even the children are thrown to the elderly not long after they are born. This seems to be good for the children, but in fact But it is the most detrimental to the growth of the child. Even if the elderly in the family sincerely help to take care of the children, they will be unreliable because of their dullness in body and mind. Therefore, Tuanzimama feels that as long as it is not a big problem that cannot be solved, it is better to take the child by her side. This not only ensures the safety and education of the child, but also prevents adults from missing the child's growth process. After all, such a process cannot be repaired by money.
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