When the baby goes to kindergarten, she still can't wipe her butt by herself? In this way, the Baoxue Baohui

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When the baby goes to kindergarten, she still can't wipe her butt by herself? In this way, the Baoxue Baohui

A few days ago, I saw a video teaching children to wipe their buttocks, and I almost died of laughter. In order to simulate the situation of wiping the buttocks for the baby, the father smeared chocolate in his mouth and let the mother smash it with toilet paper. The baby looked at it with relish and nodded again and again. Source: Douyin My name is Xiaomier. Sometimes I really admire the brains of parents. In order to let the baby learn to take care of himself early, he can come up with all kinds of tricks. Looking at the messages in our backstage, we know that there are many such troubles for mothers. Children don't know how to wipe pp, and teachers can't take care of them, so they are worried. Children don't know how to brush their teeth, so they use every means, and they worry to death. emmm... As for these situations in the message, it's actually quite normal. Many children over 5 years old may not be able to complete difficult actions such as brushing their teeth and wiping pp. The method in the animation at the beginning is very good, but it is a bit expensive. But as long as you use the right routine, like brushing your teeth, wiping pp, and teaching your baby these essential habits in life, it is quite easy. Why don't you try a few clever tricks! The method is used well, and the baby wipes pp early. Most children will show interest in "going to the toilet by themselves" when they are 2 years old and above. Therefore, before the baby goes to kindergarten (3~4 years old), pp wiping training can be arranged on the schedule. . Is backhand rubbing pp enough for the baby? Wipe clean? Will it get on your hands and clothes? These are all worrying issues. When you start to practice, you don't have to worry too much about the actual operation, you can start with some simulation props. Need to prepare: 2 balloons, small stool, peanut butter, string/tape 2 balloons stick together like baby's pp? Sticking the balloon to the small chair perfectly simulates the posture of wiping pp, and it is also very convenient for backhand practice. Next is some knowledge points for wiping pp, you must practice patiently.
  • Teach your baby how to fold a paper towel. It is very important to learn how to fold it in half before you can learn to wipe it.
  • Do not wipe when wiping pp Rub back and forth, need to wipe from front to back, in one direction
  • The wiped dirty tissue should be thrown into the trash can, as long as there is yellow cake on it, it will come again Once again, until it is clean
The following step is a bit heavy, and you can choose freely. Smear some peanut butter between the 2 balloons, and let the baby simulate the practice of wiping the cake. It is clear at a glance whether the rubbing is clean and the position is correct. In this process, words and deeds are very important. Parents can demonstrate in person and play this little game of wiping pp with their babies. Due to the difference in physiological structure, baby girls should be more particular about wiping pp. The baby girl wipes pp in 2 parts: 1. Clean the pp, the same as the above method; 2. Clean the genitals, you need to wipe it with a clean and soft tissue from the front, and gently dry the urine. Of course, with so many steps, it will definitely take a while for the baby to accept it. In the process of learning, don’t be stingy to give praise. As long as the baby does the right thing, immediately affirm and praise, let the baby realize that it is such a happy and proud thing to wipe pp on the toilet. A better way for babies to pick their noses than a thug. When the weather is dry, picking booger has become a daily hobby for many babies. As soon as the nose feels uncomfortable, he immediately puts on the "magic claw", and the thugs can't control it. Colleague Li sister's baby even picked her nostrils and got nosebleeds, which caused a headache. You can try these little tricks first. You don't have to pull hard, and your baby won't have a bad nose.
  • Increase the room humidity: turn on a humidifier to make the room humidity higher , the dry booger becomes watery and moist, and it is easier to clean up
  • Saline Nasal Drops: It can soften the booger to a certain extent, which is convenient for cleaning
  • li>
  • Nasal aspirator: the baby can use the nasal aspirator
If the baby has become a senior nose picker and likes to dig if there is anything or nothing, just dig it. Need a big move. Preparation: 2 pieces of playdough/clay round playdough and poke 2 small holes to represent your baby's current nostrils. Then with the baby, if we dig the "nostrils" hard, 1 time, 2 times, 3 times... The "nostrils" will become like this - the real Peppa style: if your child picks the nostrils It has already affected your health, and this method is worth a try. The little trick to get your baby to brush his teeth carefully is to brush well from the first tooth, which has been popularized many times. But brushing teeth becomes more and more difficult as children get older. As soon as I brush my teeth, I don't cooperate. I can't see my teeth clearly. I can only brush with a brush, not to mention the small problems of eating toothpaste and drinking mouthwash. In fact, to let the baby learn to brush his own teeth, in addition to requiring more patience, some daily small games can also subtly educate the baby. What you need to prepare: Printed pictures of teeth, toothbrush, plastic wrap, paintbrush (click the picture to save the tooth template▲) The plastic wrap wraps the printed picture of teeth, and draws a small kingdom of teeth with your baby. On weekdays, every tooth resident in the kingdom is very happy, eating and drinking, and looking white and plump. But if you don't brush your teeth well every morning and night, the kingdom of teeth can get dirty. Candy, chocolate, and a lot of food scraps stained the tooth baby's home, the tooth kingdom was smelly and dirty, and everyone was unhappy. At this time, it is necessary for the little soldier to defend the kingdom to come out. How to use a toothbrush, how to clean the kingdom of teeth, teach your baby quickly. Pay more attention to brushing the sides and the interdental spaces. After brushing for 3 minutes, the problem is not big. Brushing your teeth is the best way to protect the tooth kingdom. Every dead corner must be cleaned in place, so that the tooth kingdom can be clean and healthy. Note: Before the child is 7 years old, even if he can brush his own teeth, the adult should help him to brush it one last time. A little trick to help the baby get dressed and undressed. On Douyin, I saw a father teaching his son to undress, picking up the collar and pulling it up hard, but the baby couldn't take it off. This red and blue CP file is also very cute. This method of undressing is a bit difficult for weak children, and it is easy to stretch the collar. The method demonstrated by the following teacher is better: Source: Douyin Little Star Education ① One hand pulls the corner of the other side of the clothes; ② The elbow of the other hand is tucked into the corner of the clothes pulled up; ③ Two Just pull the opposite side of the shirt with one hand and pull it up together. We also have a simple and easy-to-learn method about wearing clothes, especially coats in autumn and winter. ① Spread the clothes inside out, with the neckline facing you; ② Extend your arms into your sleeves; ③ Flick your arms upwards. Is it super simple? Have parents got the essence of these difficult living habits? For the baby, nagging a hundred times is worse than playing it once. In the way of games, babies are more receptive and learn faster. In addition to these, other life habits are the same. If mothers have any good ways to cultivate their baby's living habits, or if your baby has any difficult habits, please leave a message in the message area and let us know. Image source: If there is any infringement in the parenting life of rice cake mothers, please contact to delete
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