9-year-old girl found two pounds of hair in her stomach! Doctor: Most of children's "pica" is not zinc deficiency

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9-year-old girl found two pounds of hair in her stomach! Doctor: Most of children's "pica" is not zinc deficiency

Text|Jing Ma 01 A 9-year-old girl in Suqian, Jiangsu, was sent to the hospital by her parents for examination because of frequent nausea and vomiting. The doctor checked and found a pile of slender and long foreign bodies in the child's stomach. The doctor helped to remove the foreign body in the stomach and found that it turned out to be hair, and it was quite a lot. There were nearly two pounds of hair. stunned. How long does it take for a 9-year-old child to eat 2 pounds of hair into the stomach, and if the child eats a small amount of hair, he can be excreted through the digestive system. That is to say, this child must have eaten a lot of hair for a long time, which will lead to two pounds of hair in the stomach, and cause nausea and vomiting. 02 Hair is something that we cannot eat, and if a child eats hair, it is a "pica". That is to say, children will eat some strange things, some children eat hair, some children eat nails, some children eat paper scraps, and some children even eat the lime on the walls of the house. He thinks these things are delicious, or he himself knows that eating them is wrong, but he can't control himself. Nutritionally speaking, children with severe zinc deficiency may develop "pica". Children with insufficient zinc in the body have fewer taste bud receptors on their tongues and less sense of the taste of food, so these children are very reluctant to eat and are picky eaters. Because he felt that eating was not fragrant, but he felt that eating some strange food would be more delicious, such as eating some egg shells, some fingernails, some hair, and even eating dust on the ground. However, the doctor thinks that the child should not be deficient in zinc. After all, the child's living conditions are better now, and there is no problem with eating meat at every meal. As long as the child's meat intake is sufficient, it is generally not easy to be deficient in zinc. And why do children eat their hair indiscriminately if they are not deficient in zinc? The doctor suggested that this is most likely a psychological problem in the child. It may be that parents are too demanding on their children, causing children to be anxious. Some children may show messy things, while some children may show eating nails, and some children may show tics and other neurological aspects. The problem. The doctor reminded that parents should pay more attention to their children's mental health and care more about their children when they are young!

These types of children are more prone to psychological problems, and the problem is mainly on the parents

Category 1: children born by caesarean section The born child is not squeezed by the birth canal, and his tactile cells are less stimulated, so such children are more prone to lack of security and sensory disorders. And these will also cause psychological problems in children, such as children's inability to concentrate, and children procrastinating. Category 2: Children whose parents often quarrel since childhood Many parents feel that children before the age of one do not understand anything and only eat, drink and sleep, so they quarrel in front of their children recklessly. As everyone knows, although the child can't understand what the parents are arguing about, he can feel the hideous faces of the parents, and he can feel the anger of the parents. Therefore, these children will be very panic in their hearts, thinking that their parents do not love themselves, do not like themselves. Category 3: Left-behind children Left-behind children are generally brought by their grandparents. One of the biggest problems in intergenerational parenting is spoiling or neglecting children. Whether it is spoiled or neglected, it is not conducive to the mental health of children. Category 4: Parents are too strict. Now the country advocates "double reduction", that is, reducing the burden on children. If the burden is not reduced, the parents' involution is very powerful. Many family children start to sign up for various interest classes when they are in kindergarten, and even start to give their children supplementary lessons in elementary school. Too strict parents can also cause children to be overly stressed and prone to psychological problems. As parents we have to take a long-term view. What do you want your children to be like in 20 years? I hope he is safe, healthy, brave and happy, then you have to give him enough love, enough sense of security, and you have to let him relax. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: Eating too much does not grow taller but gain weight? Because the child's bone age is advanced! These 3 categories are the nutrients for growing taller. The spring and summer season is the golden period for children to grow taller. Parents avoid 5 pits and help the baby grow a few centimeters.
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