Haven't escaped the "stationery assassin"? School supplies have become more expensive, and the price of hundreds of yuan is still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of students

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Haven't escaped the "stationery assassin"? School supplies have become more expensive, and the price of hundreds of yuan is still difficult to stop the enthusiasm of students

The popularity of ice cream assassins and prune assassins gradually receded, and parents with children did not escape the "stationery assassins". The new semester is about to start. Supermarkets and stationery stores are crowded with parents and children. Everyone is buying school supplies for the new semester. When Tang Mama was picking out the eraser with the little candy, she heard many parents complaining: "Why are stationery so expensive now"?

"Stationery Assassin" is popular with children, and some stationery prices are in the triple digits

Children do not pay much attention to the price of stationery, and they also There is no particularly clear concept, the more novel stationery they are, the more interested they are, and they are clamoring for parents to buy it. Many parents remember that the pencils they used in school were only a few cents, and the water-based pens and ballpoint pens of one or two yuan can be seen everywhere. Today's stationery is often more than ten yuan. A reporter went to a stationery store and saw that some gel pens with ordinary appearance were priced at around 30 yuan. The so-called imported mechanical pencil reaches 65 yuan, and some stationery with electric function is priced as high as hundreds of yuan. The price is indeed not cheap, but it can't stop the enthusiasm of primary and secondary school students, especially when the summer vacation is over, the business of stationery stores is extremely hot. Like sugar mothers, most parents are willing to spend money on their children's education when conditions permit. But in the face of the dazzling array of stationery and the high price, there are more drawbacks hidden.

Children's stationery is getting more expensive and less practical

In the past, children bought stationery to learn and write , Today's stationery is becoming more and more toy, and even become a collectible. Stationery blind box, make children addicted to buying stationery. Sugar mom still remembers that when she and her classmates went to buy stationery when she was a student, everyone would compare and choose carefully, and today's children like to buy invisible styles . Blind box craze has gradually extended to stationery, such as blind box pens, blind box erasers, etc. Businesses put all kinds of stationery into boxes, claiming that all styles have N colors and shapes, stimulating students to buy stationery exponentially. Children go to buy this kind of stationery blind box, not only want to use it to learn. It is to experience the thrill of opening the blind box, and the sense of accomplishment of accumulating the so-called complete set of styles. Decompression stationery is actually an "artifact" that destroys concentration. Another factor that makes stationery prices skyrocket is that they are crowned with the title of "decompression". A small toy that can be squeezed on the cover of an ordinary notebook can be sold for more than twice the price. Now we all know that it is very stressful to study from the beginning of elementary school. These stationery are sold as a decompression gimmick, but in fact, it is easy to damage children's concentration during the learning process. There are pros and cons in everything. Nowadays, children's stationery is rich in variety, more and more versatile, and the quality is constantly improving. But in the final analysis, stationery is used to assist learning. When choosing toys for children, choose carefully.

Don't let children be delayed by "stationery assassins", choose school supplies like this

A variety of assassin products not only cost parents and children It is relatively high. The serious problem is that it may delay children's learning. Pay attention to the following points when choosing stationery for children. 1) Simplicity and practicality are the most suitable. In the process of children's learning, some stationery with more complicated designs will not only make children hold their hands as toys, distract them, but also reduce their learning efficiency. No matter how beautiful the stationery looks, no matter how expensive the price is, if it is not easy to use, it will delay learning. 2) Guide children to have correct values ​​for stationery. The high price of stationery does not mean that it is more valuable. Many stationery just relied on the joint name with some animations and games to change the appearance and make it more unique. However, the feeling of use does not match the price at all, and after the popularity of some cartoon characters disappears, the value of these same stationery will continue to decline. Parents should make their children clear about this concept, spend money on the edge, rather than blindly follow the trend to buy these stationery.

Bought the wrong stationery, it is not helpful for learning, and if you want to collect it, you need to "use it separately"

There are many people on the Internet who are unfamiliar with stationery assassins. Not disgusted, but also accept the higher price. But for the sake of children's learning, some stationery assassins are not suitable to be brought to the classroom. It is not a complete prohibition for children to buy blind box stationery. If you want to buy some novel and peculiar stationery, just treat it as a collection, and don't mix it with normal stationery. In addition, parents should give their children confidence. When buying stationery in a stationery store, if the payment finds that the price is beyond their ability, they do not have to be forced to pay because of face problems. If you have a better attitude, you can explain the reason to the boss. This can put the more expensive stationery back. If you encounter strong buying and selling, you can ask your parents for help. Candy Mom said in her heart: No matter the price of stationery, the main purpose is to help study. I hope the owner of the stationery store can clearly mark the price, and not overly publicize the toy stationery, so that parents and children can buy on demand. Good stationery is of great help to learning. Too complicated and fancy design will delay children's learning and spend a lot of "wasted money". [Today's topic] Which "stationery assassins" have you seen?
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