Elementary school students contract their mothers three meals a day during summer vacation, and they show their talent when they first enter the kitchen: top students in labor class

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Elementary school students contract their mothers three meals a day during summer vacation, and they show their talent when they first enter the kitchen: top students in labor class

A reporter randomly interviewed several senior primary school classes and found that more than 80% of the students did not know how to cook. During the children's summer vacation, parents are not only worried about their learning problems, but also have a headache about what to cook for their children every day. Children eat at least one meal at school when they go to school, and some schools also serve dinner. During the summer vacation, the children live at home every day, and it is very confusing about what to eat at each meal. However, some parents don't have to worry about this problem. During the summer vacation, the children contract the three meals a day at home, and they are envious across the screen.

Elementary school students cook during the summer vacation, contracting for three meals a day for their mother

A 9-year-old girl from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the whole summer vacation She was almost always busy in the kitchen. When she was in elementary school, she contracted her mother's three meals a day. Surprisingly, girls do not cook simple meals. From Chinese food such as braised pork, to Western food, moon cakes, bread and other baking, and even mixing some tea, girls are very good at it. The mother didn't force her to do something, but the girl was always interested in food. I usually like to eat, and I also like to watch some food shows. I do this three meals a day at home for nearly two or two hours. Every time a girl makes a perfect meal, she has a special sense of achievement. She will let her mother and grandma taste it at home. If she cooks a lot, she will give some to the neighbors. From the pictures shared by my mother, it can be seen that the girl is busy in the kitchen, and it is a little difficult to pick up some kitchen utensils, but he enjoys it.

The 9-year-old girl showed her talent when she first entered the kitchen, and her mother couldn't help but compliment

for the girl's cooking , the family did not deliberately cultivate. The girl's mother said that the first time the child entered the kitchen to cook food was very successful, and everyone inside was surprised. Girls love to eat food, they are interested in cooking, willing to do it, and they can do it well for the first time in the kitchen. It can be said that they are gifted. When the mother talked about these things about her daughter, she couldn't hide her joy and pride in her tone. The mother felt that at this age, these delicacies are not easy to complete, but she did not expect her daughter to surprise everyone. During the two months of summer vacation, as long as the girl is at home, she will get into the kitchen. As long as it is the food the girl wants to cook, she can do it, not afraid of trouble, and does not dislike the high temperature of the kitchen. Compared with those children who hold mobile phones and play with computers every day, this girl's vacation is more rich and meaningful. Not only her mother's age praised her, but also parents and netizens off-screen gave her a thumbs up.

9-year-old elementary school students show their culinary talents, and they can be called "top students" in labor classes.

Everyone has seen it before, The news that primary school students are about to start labor classes, including cooking classes, many parents have already begun to take their children to preview. Now seeing this girl's level, it has surpassed the difficulty that the fifth and sixth graders should learn. Many adults say that she can't cook the food she can cook. Presumably if the labor class starts, she can be called the top student in the labor class, and it will mobilize the enthusiasm of the students. In the past, children at home had to take care of the whole family when they were about ten years old. It was very tiring to do laundry, cook, and even take a baby. Therefore, when living conditions are better now, most parents will not continue to let their children do these things. The girl's parents said that this is the child's hobby, and since the child likes and loves it, they will support her.

Is it necessary for elementary school kids to cook? The advantages of guiding the correct way outweigh the disadvantages

Under the picture of the girl cooking, Mommy Tang saw many voices of doubt. I feel that girls have been doing this since childhood, and when they get married, they will be "suffering their lives" when they go to their in-laws' house. In fact, let the child learn some basic life skills, not for her to take care of others, but to ensure that he has a high quality of life when he lives alone. Every child has his own unique hobbies, not just limited to playing games, art and music. If the child particularly likes and is willing to study food, the fireworks in the kitchen are also very healing. The meals made by themselves make children more appetizing, and at the same time, they can understand the difficulty and difficulty of doing housework, and do not ignore the parents' efforts. Many parents are reluctant to let their children touch housework when they are young, and want to let their children quickly learn to cook and clean up the house after the age of 18. But by that time, the habit has been formed, the child is used to enjoying, and it will be difficult to do these things again. Parents don't have to force the child to be able to cook and ask him to reach the level of this girl. Children can usually start in the kitchen and help with washing dishes. Candy Mama's heart: A 9-year-old girl's cooking skills are enviable, but in the final analysis, the child's safety is the most important thing. Water, gas, oil and electricity in the kitchen are all dangerous. Even if the child is proficient, parents should monitor the child within sight and bring the necessary protection to the child, who can guide the child when he encounters difficulties. [Today's topic] Do you have children who like to cook?
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