This red spot appears on the child, maybe the liver is calling for help? what can we do about it?

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This red spot appears on the child, maybe the liver is calling for help? what can we do about it?

In summer, mosquito bites will inevitably leave many small red bumps on the delicate skin of children. And sometimes the red spots on the skin of children look like spiders, which always makes parents "shocking". In fact, this is the spider naevi in ​​children, which is different from the general red spots and requires parents to pay attention.

How to identify spider nevi?

Spider nevus, also known as spider hemangioma, is a vascular nevus formed by the outward expansion of capillaries on the surface of the skin. Generally, there will be a small red dot in the middle, about the size of a needle tip to a bean, and there are branches around it, like a spider web. Spider moles mainly appear on the face and neck, arms and upper chest. Spider moles in children often occur on the arms, backs of hands, and fingers. It is worth noting that sites other than human skin, such as oral mucosa and gastrointestinal mucosa, may also develop spider naevi. If you apply light pressure to the mole with a glass slide or a small cotton swab, the spider will disappear. When relaxed, the blood vessels will fill and the spider will reappear. Based on the above descriptions, how parents can distinguish whether the red dots on their children are spider moles can grasp the distinctive feature of "whether there are dilated capillaries around the red dots".

How do spider moles cause?

The etiology of spider naevi is not yet fully understood, but daily trauma, mosquito bites, and hormone levels may cause vasodilation, so it is worth noting. Spider moles are sometimes a reminder of the state of human liver function. For example, "palm erythema", also known as "liver palm", which is commonly seen in the diagnosis of liver disease, requires immediate medical attention when it appears together with spider nevus. Spider moles can range from a few to hundreds, but are usually benign. If spider naevi only occur in one place, we call it "single." In this case, parents don't need to worry too much, and there are usually no other diseases. Healthy children and adults are prone to a single spider naevi. Multiple spider naevi usually occur in pregnant women, women on oral contraceptives, and people with severe malnutrition, and sometimes it is also a "prompter" of other underlying systemic diseases.

What should I pay attention to when I have a spider naevi?

  • If spider nevus is found, it is recommended to seek medical attention and perform liver function tests.
Spider moles are closely related to the liver, so once a spider mole is found in a child, "it is better to believe it exists than to believe it does not exist", parents should take the child to the hospital to see a doctor and check the body's liver Function.
  • Spider mole does not equal liver cancer, so don't be too nervous.
Although there is a certain connection between spider nevus and liver disease, their connection is not absolute. People with liver problems may develop spider nevus, and normal people may also grow. When a spider naevi is discovered, it is still necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible to clarify the cause of the disease. In children, it is not necessary to have only a single spider naevi. Findings from a survey from Ireland suggest that multiple spider naevi may also occur in healthy children without liver disease. This also indicates that there may be some problems with the child's physical development, and it is best for parents to take the child to the hospital for examination at this time.
  • Spider moles do not go away naturally, so treatment is required.
If spider nevus grows on cosmetically affected areas such as the face, it is best to remove it by medical means. Because spider naevi generally cannot subside naturally and cannot be removed with external medicine, it is best to go to the hospital for laser treatment. If left untreated, spider nevus in healthy people will gradually disappear with age, and in rare cases, it may take several years to completely disappear; pregnant women with spider nevus will disappear within 3-6 months; liver Spider naevi in ​​cirrhotic patients disappear after liver transplantation. Overall, spider naevi in ​​children need attention, but don't need to be overly stressful. The first time a disease is discovered, in addition to self-judgment, it is best for parents to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Especially those parents who are concerned about spider moles affecting their children's face may need to pay more attention.
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