Can a child with big feet really grow taller? Height and feet turned out to be the relationship

time:2022-11-27 author:Diet
Can a child with big feet really grow taller? Height and feet turned out to be the relationship

I often hear some old people say, "This child has big feet, so he must be tall in the future." This makes the parents of children with small feet very anxious when they hear these words. If the children have small feet, will they not grow taller in the future? In fact, there is a relationship between a child's stature and feet, but it is not as everyone thinks, the length of the feet must be tall.

Question 1: What is a normal foot length?

Babies' feet are the same as their height, and they grow and develop the fastest in the first year of life. By puberty, their feet are close to adult size. When a child is 0-1 years old, the foot length is about 10 cm; 1-2 years old, the foot length is about 12 cm; after that, the foot grows 1-2 cm every year. However, the data is always fixed, but the length of the child's feet cannot be completely in accordance with this value, as long as it fluctuates within a certain range, it is normal. In addition, whether the parental measurement method is standard and accurate will also affect the value. I see that some parents measure with a ruler when the child is asleep, and some parents measure when the child is sitting. In fact, there are some errors in these methods, because when the child's feet are lifted, they are affected by gravity, and their feet grow longer. There will also be changes. The correct measurement method should be to let the child stand on a hard ground, and the parent draws the child's footprint with a pen, and then measures the horizontal straight-line distance from the heel to the longest toe on the footprint.

Question 2: Why are big feet

A survey by a British college shows that people’s average feet are 2 times longer than they were in the 1970s shoe size! This is actually a very normal phenomenon, just like many people have found that the children of today are generally taller than those of the past. On the one hand, it is related to heredity, because genetic genes are constantly surviving the fittest, allowing better genes to be passed on. On the other hand, it is nutrition. Now everyone’s living standards have improved, and children are eating better than before, with adequate nutrition. Children’s height and weight have increased, and their feet will naturally be “upgraded”, so that they can be better support body.

Question 3: Foot length represents the future

Some studies have found that foot length has a certain relationship with height, but foot length is not the only factor in determining height. In the growth process of a child, the growth peak of the foot is one more than the growth peak of the height. In the first year of the child's birth, it is the first growth peak of the foot and the growth peak of the height. The second growth peak of feet is 5~7 years old for girls and 6~8 years old for boys. The second peak of height is very close to the third growth peak of foot length, that is, shortly after puberty begins, girls About 11 to 12 years old, boys 12 to 14 years old. It can be seen from the above data that the second growth peak of the foot is not the growth peak of the height, so it will appear that the growth rate of the foot is relatively fast, but the growth rate of the height is not very obvious. Moreover, the growth and development of the feet stops earlier than the height. Girls are about 13 to 15 years old, and boys are about 16 to 18 years old, but the height stops growing at about 17 to 20 years old. That is to say, after the child's feet stop growing and developing, the height will continue to grow. But how much height can grow in the end, the most important thing is that it is destined for seven days (hereditary factors account for about 70%), and three points depend on hard work (related to nutrition, exercise, sleep, psychological stress and disease). Therefore, although some people have long feet, they are short, and some people have short feet, but they are tall. If you want your child to grow taller, in addition to having your child eat well and sleep well, you also need to exercise more. Besides, even if the child is not very tall in the future, who can say that what is concentrated is not the essence?
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