Don't be in a hurry to post autumn fat, "eat less four things and eat more three things" in autumn, children will grow taller and less sick

time:2023-02-02 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
Don't be in a hurry to post autumn fat, "eat less four things and eat more three things" in autumn, children will grow taller and less sick

Text|After the summer, Jingma officially entered autumn. In the past few days, some areas in the south have begun to cool down, and the cool autumn wind has blown away the irritability in people's hearts. In the hot summer, children sweat more and secrete less digestive juice, resulting in poor appetite, eating less, slow weight gain, or even no gain. In autumn, the weather begins to cool, and the child's appetite begins to improve. At this time, it is very suitable to "stick autumn fat" to the child. But don't worry about putting autumn fat on your child. Some parents find that their child's appetite is good and start to do their best to prepare all kinds of food for the child, so that the child can eat with an open belly. As everyone knows, after the child's stomach and intestines are bombarded with all kinds of cold food in summer, the spleen and stomach are still relatively weak, and eating so many things at once can easily lead to spleen and stomach disorders, which will affect the child's health.

In the fall, children can better regulate the spleen and stomach by "eat less of four things and more of three things" and be healthier

Eat less "four things": eat less greasy food, eat less raw and cold food, eat less pickled food, eat less barbecue ① Eat less greasy food, such as making Dongpo pork for children, or eating some for children Fat cows, fat intestines, etc., these animal foods are relatively high in fat. Or put a lot of vegetable oil when cooking for children. The greasy food enters the child's stomach and intestines, which will play a lubricating role. The child's spleen and stomach have not fully returned to normal in the summer, which can easily lead to diarrhea. ② Eat less raw and cold food Raw and cold food will not only hurt the child's spleen and stomach, but also the bacteria and viruses in the raw and cold food are not killed by heating in time, and the child may have diarrhea after eating, such as autumn diarrhea caused by rotavirus . ③ Eat less pickled food When the autumn is refreshing, some families like to make bacon or cured meat, but these foods are not recommended for children to eat. Because a lot of salt and various seasonings are put into the pickled food, and these seasonings will have a burden on the kidneys of the child, and even cause autumn dryness in autumn, causing the child to feel uncomfortable in the throat. ④ Eat less barbecued meat and vegetables. In fact, high temperature is used to cook food directly. This method can easily lead to protein denaturation, which will lead to many carcinogens. Moreover, the weather is relatively dry, and eating barbecued foods will also reduce the body fluids in the child's body, causing autumn dryness and illness. When children eat the above four kinds of food, it will not only cause physical discomfort, but also cause gastrointestinal damage due to physical discomfort, affecting the absorption of nutrients, resulting in a negative impact on the child's height growth. Eat more "three things": eat more beans, eat more yams, and eat more millet. The most important thing in autumn is to regulate the spleen and stomach, prevent autumn dryness, and nourish the lungs. Type 1: Eat more legumes such as mung beans, lentils and other dehumidifying beans. Although the weather is dry in autumn, the moisture in summer will still exist in the child's spleen and stomach. Therefore, when autumn just comes, giving children some dehumidifying beans can better regulate the child's spleen and stomach, so that children with good appetite can eat more deliciously, absorb nutrients, and adjust their spleen and stomach to grow taller. Type 2: Eating more yam Yam is a very recommended food in autumn. Yam is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach, and reduces the accumulation of food in children. In autumn, yam can be used to make porridge or soup, or it can be directly fried. Children often eat yam, which is conducive to regulating the child's spleen and stomach. The third type: eat more millet. For example, cook millet porridge for children. You can put a little more water, and then give your children some millet porridge soup, which is more thirst-quenching and moisturizing than drinking water. Or it is also possible to cook porridge with millet and rice, and you can also give children some gorgon, which will help the health of the spleen and stomach. Do you know what to eat for children in autumn? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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