Children raised by 3 kinds of families are easy to become "soft persimmons", parents should pay attention

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Children raised by 3 kinds of families are easy to become "soft persimmons", parents should pay attention

Introduction: Every parent hopes that their children will grow up happily, and hope that they will be sensible and well-behaved. As children grow up and begin to integrate into different groups, the range of people and environments they come into contact with becomes wider, and they will also face different challenges. Conflicts are inevitable when there are people, especially children, who lack the ability to get along with others and solve problems. When encountering friction with others, it is unavoidable to be wronged, and it is impossible to predict what problems will be encountered. As a parent, I always try my best to protect my child, but I can't always be by my side, and all problems are solved for him. Only in daily life, teach children how to get along with others and how to protect themselves.

Parents' education method determines whether a child becomes a "soft persimmon"

In the TV series "Little Shede", excellent grades and poor family conditions The poor Mi Tao was isolated and excluded by other students in Huanhuan's joint class. Midao felt very aggrieved. When she was helpless, she told her parents about her confusion. After her mother heard it, she immediately asked back, "Huanhuan is your good friend, how could he bully you?" Mi Tao told her that she was in charge of discipline in class, but Huanhuan deliberately made trouble. Affected people think she is weak and bully her. Mi Tao received no comfort from her mother, but was accused of being ignorant, and her father also asked her, "Why don't you bully others?" This pair of parents did not comfort their children when they were helpless, and did not give effective methods. Doubt and blame. This made Mi Tao's grievances nowhere to be expressed, and not only did she not get the protection she deserved, but she was blamed and questioned by her parents. When a child encounters a problem and finds his parents helpless, this is a kind of trust and dependence. If the exchange is indifference or even a censure, it will only make the child lose trust in the parents, and such trust often directly affects. The child's attitude towards problems and the ability to protect themselves. In Zheng Yuanjie's fairy tale "Wisdom Teeth", a girl named Xiaoxin was suspected of stealing things at school. The teacher said that if she didn't explain it, she would notify her parents. Unexpectedly, Xiaoxin said loudly in front of the whole class, "You all wronged me, I want to go home and tell my father." Being called a parent is a fearful thing for most children, and Xiaoxin is not only not afraid, but also tells her grievance to her father. She is also envious in addition to being surprised, which is enough to show that her father has given her enough trust and confidence in her daily life. rely. "Wonderful Flower" guest Gao Qiuzi said in the show that he will tell his parents no matter what he is happy or unhappy about, because his parents are his backing no matter what happens. Nowadays, most families attach great importance to education, and parents also hope that their children can grow up happily, but some children have become "soft persimmons" due to their cowardly personality, which has a lot to do with the improper parenting methods of their parents.

Children raised by these 3 kinds of families are easy to become "soft persimmons"

For children, their parents are the closest and most trusted people , When they encounter grievances and problems, they will think of their parents for the first time. Parents' attitudes and response methods directly affect children's characters. Children raised by the behaviors of these three families are prone to cowardice.
  • Parents are too strong
  • Many parents think that they are protecting their children for their own good, worrying about everything and arranging everything. Once the children have different ideas, they are quickly suppressed by the parents, and the children lose the opportunity to grow and become independent. The queen is also a person with no opinion. Living in a family with strong parents, children are accustomed to obeying, and unconsciously become a flattering personality. Once they are separated from their parents' arms, they become timid and fearful. Even if they encounter unreasonable treatment, they do not know how to protect themselves and dare not resist. . 2. Cultivate children to be overly sensible Every parent wants their children to be sensible. If there are many rules, excessive humility or even against the child's wishes, such sensibleness can easily make him a person who swallows his voice, does not know how to refuse, and does not know how to think about himself. 3. Parents often ignore the growth of their children. The growth of their children cannot be separated from the company of their parents. The sense of security and warmth given by their parents is his greatest strength. The children who are valued by their parents are full of security and self-confidence. And children who are often ignored have a lack of inner security, are ignored by the closest and most trusted parents, and any feelings of joy, sorrow and joy are not taken seriously, and children will have self-doubt, think that they are not important, and will not pay attention to their own feelings. It is easy to form a sensitive and inferior character. Such children do not dare to tell their parents even if they are wronged outside. Because they cannot get a warm response, they can only endure it silently. Over time, they will naturally become children who are easy to bully in the eyes of others, and become "soft persimmons" that others can pinch.

    Parents do this to make their child a strong person

    After a child is born, it is like a blank sheet of paper. What kind of person he is, what kind of person he becomes, and what kind of person he becomes The growth environment is directly related to the parenting style. To raise a child to be a strong person, with a good personality and sense of independence, kindness and the bottom line of self-protection, it is necessary to grasp the key stage of character shaping in childhood. First of all, as a parent, you must cultivate your children to have a strong heart, be gentle, humble and polite but not weak, and do not take the initiative to violate others, but when you are violated for no reason, dare to fight back and stand up bravely to defend your own interests. Secondly, parents should give their children enough trust. No matter what happens to him, they should respond positively and be his strongest backing when they ask for help. In addition, parents should set an example for their children and set a correct example. Parents should first be strong people, do not infringe on the interests of others, and dare to defend themselves in the face of unfair treatment. The bravery of parents also affects children to become brave. . Conclusion: Children with different family education methods will have different personalities and different problem-solving abilities and methods. Some children can solve conflicts and protect themselves well when encountering conflicts. There are also many children who are cowardly and have always been the one who has been wronged. method matters a lot. Parents give their children enough sense of security and trust, so that their children can become solid, firm and brave people who can protect themselves in any environment. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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