It's no use worrying if the child doesn't eat well. Let's see how Bao Ma becomes an excellent "breeder"

time:2022-12-05 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
It's no use worrying if the child doesn't eat well. Let's see how Bao Ma becomes an excellent "breeder"

Xiu Xiu has recently become obsessed with watching "Chibo", but unlike others, as a mother, she loves watching Chibo where babies appear. Seeing that the little guy in the video did not refuse the dishes and fruits prepared by his mother, Xiu Xiu felt very satisfied. But at the same time, she is also troubled by the reality that her baby is a "rice dregs". Xiuli admits that she is good at cooking, but Naihe Baobao is a picky one. Now the little guy is one and a half years old, but he has not yet developed the habit of sitting on the dining chair to eat. Every time he sees the child's lack of interest at the dining table, Xiu Xiu feels particularly frustrated. "Perhaps, I'm not a qualified mother, and the children don't like to eat the food I cook!" When Xiu Xiu and her friends complained about the children not eating well, they unexpectedly resonated with everyone. A friend echoed and said, "My daughter doesn't like to eat either, so I have to chase after her every time she eats, and she can't finish it within an hour!" A friend continued, "My son eats snacks, his grandparents eat snacks. It’s also a habit, the child will eat whatever he likes! When it’s time for the main meal, the child will take two bites and not eat it!” After finding that everyone had similar troubles, Xiu Xiu felt a lot more comfortable, it seems that for the child It's not just you who worry about eating. Xiu Xiuli said with emotion, "I'm so envious of the children who eat and eat with big mouthfuls! I wonder how their parents are so lucky to have 'foodie' babies?"

Why other people's children are "foodies", but their own children are "small rice dregs"?

In life, there are many mothers who are troubled by their children's eating problems. They have already cooked very carefully, but why are they not favored by their children? In fact, children are not born "rice dregs". By understanding the real incentives for children not to eat well, it is possible to treat the symptoms and make them fall in love with eating. Children naturally like freshness. If the mother does not have any new ideas in the baby's diet, then the three meals a day are likely to be "disgusted" by the baby. If you want your baby to fall in love with eating, the element of "freshness and fun" must be indispensable. It's not that children don't like to eat the food made by their mother, they just want more "patterns". You will find that snacks can always be more favored by children, because the rich taste can easily open children's taste buds, and the combination of high oil, high salt and high sugar can always make children like to eat. Some children who eat snacks and lack hunger are not interested in the meals carefully prepared by their mothers, and the full feeling of fullness makes it difficult for them to sit quietly at the table to finish the meal.

Learn these few tricks, and Baoma can easily become an excellent "breeder"

Eating, should be the child's own business, eat well, and it is growing Physically, they should pay attention. The following tricks may help mothers become excellent "breeders" and make their children fall in love with eating. 1. Give children a set of tableware they like Using the tableware that children like will stimulate their enthusiasm for dining and increase the fun of dining. Therefore, when mothers guide their children to eat well, they might as well prepare a set of tableware with cute shapes, interesting patterns and bright colors for them. I believe this will definitely increase their enthusiasm for eating independently. In addition, preparing a dining chair with a suitable height for the child can also help the child develop a good habit of eating quietly. The dining chair restrains the child's body, which makes them have to pay more attention to the dining table. 2. Try not to let the baby eat alone. Some mothers will let the child eat first in order to feed the child. After the child has finished eating, the adults will start to eat. Obviously, such an operation directly caused the child to "eat alone". The "small dining table" prepared for children alone weakens the children's sense of security in dining and some family interactions. In comparison, a family sitting together in a harmonious dining atmosphere will be more able to drive children's dining enthusiasm. Remember, you have to eat with your children, in such an atmosphere, children love to eat more! 3. Replace picnic food with healthy food. When children eat too many snacks, their taste buds will also become "heavy". At this time, it is naturally difficult for the light food to be favored by the little ones. Therefore, if mothers want to let their children eat more healthy food, they must pay attention to creating a good impression of healthy food in their life. For example, a picnic is a fun thing for children. You can replace the potato chips and coke that are necessary for a picnic with healthy food. I believe this will help improve children's acceptance of healthy food. Conclusion: Children who do not eat well will affect their nutritional intake and physical development, as well as the formation of their eating habits. Therefore, it is not advisable to complain that the child is born with "rice dregs" when it is found that the child is not eating well. It is the correct solution to try to guide the child in a scientific and healthy manner. The habit of eating well should be developed as early as possible. When children are interested in eating independently, parents must not miss the opportunity easily. At the same time, parents are role models for their children, and good table manners and a warm dining table atmosphere are worthy of parents' effort to practice and manage. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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