The grandson and grandson celebrated their birthdays at the same time, and their parents gave them a golden lock. The subsequent development made the daughter feel cold.

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The grandson and grandson celebrated their birthdays at the same time, and their parents gave them a golden lock. The subsequent development made the daughter feel cold.

Text|Cheat Master "Mom, you used to be partial to my brother, even if we have a new generation now, you are still so partial, even at the risk of hurting my son's health, are you not going to recognize me as a daughter!" Wang Qi Completely disappointed and heartbroken to his parents, after shouting the above words to his parents, he left his parents' house without looking back. Don't blame Wang Qi for being so angry, the matter has to start with Wang Qi's son and nephew having a birthday at the same time some time ago. Wang Qi and his younger brother and sister were born at about the same time. When his nephew was on his first birthday, Wang Qi also brought the child to his parents' house. He thought that within a few days, the two children would have a fun together, and the younger brother and sister and parents agreed. Wang Qi carefully prepared the children's first-year-old items and bought gifts for the two children. On the children's birthdays, Wang Qi set up the house like a fairy tale, and then the parents took two golden locks and gave them to their grandson and grandson. Everyone is very happy. However, a few days after Wang's son took the golden lock from his grandmother, he started to have a low-grade fever and vomited, and a red rash appeared on his body. So frightened, Wang Qi hurriedly took his son to the hospital. It was checked that it was allergy caused by inferior metal materials. Wang Qi took off the golden lock on his son's neck and looked at it with a friend in this area. The friend saw at a glance that it was a fake and shoddy product. Wang Qi immediately went to her mother's house again, and saw that her little nephew was obviously different from his son's. He asked his parents again, and his mother admitted that the one for his grandson was purchased from a brand counter, and the one for his grandson was cheap and inferior. product, just in a box of the same brand. Wang Qi was very angry and shouted the above words to his parents.

Patriarchal and eccentric parents hurt the feelings of the next generation

Many eccentric parents treat their sons and daughters differently . In the same way, their attitude towards the children of their sons and daughters is even more different. Many daughters are accustomed to their parents' discriminatory treatment since childhood and tolerate their parents' partiality. He even sacrificed his own interests in order to please his family. But when they have children, if the parents continue the eccentricity to the children, the children will be treated unfairly and even threatened their health. Many daughters immediately woke up and started to resist. After all, they can be wronged, but children cannot. When daughters start to resist, their previous grievances will be magnified infinitely, and they will no longer pay to their parents without any regrets, and their relationship with their parents will become more and more estranged. When the parents are gone, it is estimated that the siblings will also cut off communication. Not to mention that in the next generation, the family relationship will gradually end.

Married daughters should be good at stopping losses in time

For patriarchal parents, in their hearts, a married daughter is equivalent to throwing The water that goes out, the daughter and the daughter's children belong to someone else. Many parents don't want to pay a cent for their married daughters, and they just want to snatch some from their daughters to subsidize them. When encountering such parents, married daughters should recognize the reality in time and stop losses in time. Manage your own small family well, your own small family is better than anything else, don't blindly go to please your mother's family, the mother's family should help out when you have something to do, don't go up to it if you have nothing, just be worthy of your conscience. [Topic discussion: Do you feel changed when you return to your parents' home after getting married? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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