How to make children adapt to kindergarten faster and reduce crying, parents remember 7 not

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How to make children adapt to kindergarten faster and reduce crying, parents remember 7 not

Text | Mother Ying said that 90% of children will cry when they go to kindergarten! It's almost September, kindergarten security, that's a headache. Every September when new students enter school, it's not because the children cry so much, but the parents who send their children to kindergarten around the kindergarten and refuse to leave. Climbing up the wall of the kindergarten, I just wanted to take a look at my child, my teacher also had a headache, the child had already been coaxed. When I went out for activities, when the child suddenly saw his father or mother, he burst into tears again. It is normal for children to cry when they go to kindergarten for a few days or when they first go to school. How to prevent children from crying for a long time and how to make children adapt to kindergarten more quickly requires parents to prepare in advance.

Parents take their children to kindergarten to do 7 don’ts, which can make children adapt to kindergarten faster

1 don’t: surprise attacks such as never I didn't tell my child about going to kindergarten. Suddenly, I went to kindergarten with my child on September 1st. This would make the child's separation anxiety very serious, because he was not ready to go to school. As a result, his parents suddenly took him there. kindergarten. It is suggested that parents can read some picture books about going to kindergarten to their children before they go to kindergarten, so that children yearn for kindergarten, so that children will not be so resistant when they go to kindergarten. Or take your child to the kindergarten to experience it first, and play with the kindergarten slides and other recreational facilities. 2 Don't: Don't let the mother send most of the children in the morning. They will be closer to the mother, and many times the mother will send the child to kindergarten in person, but this is not recommended, because the difficulty of separating the child from the mother is very high. Yes, if the mother sends the child to kindergarten, the child will cry more. When the child is sent to the kindergarten in the morning, it is suggested that the father or grandfather should send it to the person who is not very close. The child's separation anxiety is not so serious. 3 Don't: Don't linger outside the kindergarten after the teacher takes over. Many mothers will be reluctant to leave the child in the hands of the teacher. Children cry more when they see their mother. It is suggested that after sending the child to the teacher, he should turn his head and leave, let the child know that going to kindergarten is a sure thing and cannot be changed, and he can better accept the status quo. 4 Don’t: At the beginning, don’t want anyone who is convenient to pick up the child. In the first few days of kindergarten, it is better for the mother to pick up the child in person, because the mother is the closest to the child. After the child plays in the kindergarten for a day, when she sees her mother, she Happier and happier, and the mother hugs and kisses the child after taking over the child, which can satisfy the child's sense of security. 5 Don't: Don't ask your child about going to kindergarten. When the child first went to kindergarten, food was forbidden in kindergarten. Don't ask your child what delicious food was in kindergarten, what fun was there in kindergarten, and what did you learn in kindergarten today? , will make the child think of unhappy things, but will cry. Instead of asking the child, the mother can ask the teacher how the child is in kindergarten. 6 Don't: Fishing for three days and netting for two days. Many grandmothers take their children to kindergarten. If they think their children don't want to go to kindergarten today, they don't go, or they don't want to send them when it rains today. When a child first goes to kindergarten, it is a process of adaptation, a process of desensitization. Slowly from fear of kindergarten to acceptance of kindergarten, this process actually needs to be continuous. , the child has already adapted to it. After playing at home for a few days, he does not want to go to kindergarten. Once he goes to kindergarten, he has to adjust again, which will cause the child to be unable to accept the matter of going to kindergarten. As long as the child is not sick, he will continue to send it. 7. Don't: When the last one to pick up the child just went to kindergarten, it is best to pick up the child early. Don't wait until the teachers are ready to go to get off work. Gather all the children in large and small classes in one classroom, and the parents will pick them up. Make children feel abandoned and even more reluctant to go to kindergarten. As the school season begins, how to prevent children from crying in kindergarten, do you know?
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