Freezing in spring and autumn does not cause disease; however, it is necessary to scientifically let the baby freeze, in order to be healthy

time:2022-11-27 author:Baby care
Freezing in spring and autumn does not cause disease; however, it is necessary to scientifically let the baby freeze, in order to be healthy

The picture comes from the Internet as the saying goes that an autumn rain is a cold one. When I woke up this morning, I felt the temperature drop, and it felt like autumn. The body does not have the hot and sweaty greasyness of summer, it is refreshing and comfortable. But when I took Xiaobao out in the morning, my mother insisted Xiaobao add a coat, saying that it was cold outside. I put my arm out of the window to try it out, and the cooling sensation was still obvious, so I changed Xiaobao into a slightly thicker T-shirt. The picture comes from the Internet saying "spring covers autumn and freezes". For children, it is good for health only if they are properly frozen in autumn! Autumn is the transition season from summer to winter, and it is also a favorable time for people with weak resistance, especially the elderly and children, to gradually adapt to weather changes. The specific meaning of "autumn freezing" means that when autumn comes, don't immediately put on clothes to keep out the cold when the temperature drops slightly, but consciously let the body adapt to the temperature changes, so as to enhance the body's ability to keep out the cold, especially the skin and nasal mucosa. , to prepare for a colder winter in the future. The picture comes from the Internet. However, don't be too impatient for the "autumn freeze" practice of babies. Focus on two key points:

First, keep warm

in the fall, not to let children insist on not wearing thick clothes without principle , but should be carried out gradually according to the changes of the seasons. For example, a child who is already frail and sick, insists that he only wears a single coat in the cold season like a perfectly healthy child, then there is no doubt that the sick child will still be sick, and the disease will come out of the cold. So, it is important to let your baby add clothes gradually. You must know that children exercise a lot. If they add too many clothes, they will easily sweat during the activity, and they will be more susceptible to cold when the cool wind blows. You might as well let the baby keep the summer clothes in sync when the temperature just begins to drop, and at most add a thin small vest outside, and take off the vest when the baby starts to move. The picture comes from the Internet when the baby is adding or removing clothes in autumn. Parents only need to notice that these parts of the baby's body are warm: 1. The back is warm to check whether the baby is cold or not, relying on the mother's "two-finger meditation". Run two fingers quickly across your baby's back, as long as it's warm and not cold or wet, your baby is comfortable. 2. Warming the stomach The baby's stomach is very fragile, and it is also the most important part of health care. The stomach cannot catch cold, which is also to protect the baby's already fragile spleen and stomach. 3. Warm hands and feet Baby summer sandals can be put away, comfortable and breathable sneakers are the first choice. Then touch your baby's little hand, as long as it is warm or slightly cool. The picture comes from the Internet

Second, cold resistance

In addition, if you want your baby to spend the autumn healthy, you should also give him proper "cold" exercise. The method is very simple, that is, let the baby develop the habit of washing hands and face with cold water. As for taking a cold shower, it varies from person to person, so there is no need to force it. I remember a mother who said she gave her child cold tolerance training and sent the child to the hospital. The picture came from the Internet when she asked about the details. She saw that there is a set of cold tolerance training for babies on the Internet: for example, soak the child's hands and feet in cold water for 20 seconds every day, and then put them into warm water bubbles; repeating this for 10 times can prevent frostbite; for example Let the child take off his clothes before going to bed, and then get into the bed after being exposed to the air for 2 minutes, in order to let the child get used to the cold. She let the child freeze in the cold for 2 minutes when the indoor temperature was less than 10 degrees, and then went to take a cold shower before going to sleep; a few days later, the child's cold symptoms became more and more obvious day by day, and finally pneumonia was hospitalized. This mother started the cold-resistance training because her child was prone to colds and pneumonia, but it turned out to be overkill and made herself regret it. The picture comes from the Internet. For cold tolerance training, it should be moderate and gradual, otherwise it will backfire and freeze the child. In addition, from the time the baby is born, it needs to adjust its body temperature to adapt to the temperature changes in the outside world. Outdoor activities can effectively improve the baby's cold resistance and disease resistance. The ancients said, "The method of thin clothing should be learned from autumn." That is to say, the habit of "thin clothing" should be cultivated from autumn and adapted slowly, so that the child's cold tolerance can be exercised, and it will not be exposed to the wind and cold.
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