The mother-to-be became "ugly" during pregnancy. Neighbors speculated that she was pregnant with a baby boy, but the ending "disappointed" the old man

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The mother-to-be became "ugly" during pregnancy. Neighbors speculated that she was pregnant with a baby boy, but the ending "disappointed" the old man

The study found that about 41 percent of pregnant women had less acne after pregnancy, while 29 percent of expectant mothers had acne worse. Changes in the mother during pregnancy are often linked to the situation of the fetus. There are many rumors about pregnancy, and the "Ugly Mother in Huai Er" has convinced many people. However, these rumors have no scientific basis. After the baby is born, it will be different from the gender that everyone guessed, and there will be some disappointment in joy.

The mother-to-be has a bad luck. According to speculation, she is pregnant with a baby boy.

When neighbor Xiaoyang is pregnant with her second child, she is often called Everyone gathered around and asked questions. Whenever she walked in the community with her pregnant belly up, there would always be people discussing whether she was carrying a boy or a girl. Xiaoyang hopes that she is pregnant with a daughter, because the eldest treasure in the family is a boy, she likes her daughter very much, and hopes to have both children. But during pregnancy, what she heard the most from everyone was that you must be pregnant with a boy, and she also gave the experience of someone who came out. Everyone thinks that Xiaoyang is beautiful before she is pregnant, her skin color is poor, and her nose has become larger. They think that only carrying a boy will make her mother ugly, and carrying a daughter will make her beautiful. Xiaoyang originally had a glimmer of hope, but after hearing such comments, he was convinced, and even prepared some supplies for boys when preparing the baby's belongings. Unexpectedly, the baby will be a cute and soft girl after birth. The old man who once guessed that he was pregnant with a boy was "disappointed", and Xiaoyang's wish was fulfilled, not to mention happier.

Ugly during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, and the reason has little to do with the baby.

About 90% of expectant mothers will appear during pregnancy Localized or generalized hyperpigmentation, but will gradually subside after delivery. Pregnancy does make a big difference in a woman's appearance, and sugar moms don't like to use the word ugly to describe moms. Women love beauty, but some situations are unavoidable after pregnancy. Hormone changes are the culprit Progesterone is good for the growth of the fetus, but at the same time it will also make the expectant mother's face with spots, enlarged pores, enlarged nose, and even darker lips. If stretch marks can be blocked with clothes, then the changes on the face will give people a very intuitive feeling. Pregnant mothers don't dare to wear makeup, so they look less attractive than before pregnancy. Weight gain and edema affect the appearance of expectant mothers. Most women will gain weight during pregnancy. Usually, it is normal to gain about 20 pounds during pregnancy and not more than 30 pounds. When expectant mothers are overweight, their appearance changes greatly. In addition, there may be edema during pregnancy, which makes the mother's facial features look less delicate than before, turning into swollen eye blisters, and her appearance has decreased.

Mothers-to-be avoid losing their appearance during pregnancy, just pay attention to a few small things

Women suffer from vomiting, fetal movement, etc. during pregnancy Discomfort, resulting in poor rest and anxiety. In this case, even if there is no gain in weight, there is no change in the facial features, and the appearance is not as beautiful as before. You don't have to pursue your looks too much during pregnancy, take risks, make up, dye your hair, etc., but it's also good for you to pay attention to skin problems. First of all, expectant mothers who can take proper skin care during pregnancy are afraid of affecting the health of the fetus, so not only do they not use makeup during pregnancy, but they do not even use normal skin care products. In fact, there are water lotions for pregnant women, etc., no makeup, but cleaning and moisturizing should be done in place. In this way, the skin will not become bad, not only will it remain beautiful during pregnancy, but the skin will recover better after the baby is born. Secondly, don't eat too much during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy because they feel that when they are pregnant, they need to eat for two people alone. In fact, as long as the expectant mother is full, the fetus will not be hungry. During pregnancy, eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, and try not to sleep day and night upside down, so that the complexion of the skin will look much better. Finally, maintain good work and rest habits. When the mother-to-be develops the habit of sleeping at a fixed time at night, the fetus will gradually settle down at that time. If the baby is moving more, the mother can try to change the sleeping position. After the second trimester, you cannot sleep on your back, but expectant mothers can also sleep on the right side.

Ugly pregnancy has nothing to do with having boys or girls, so don't discuss too much with those around you

Asking gender is the top 3 words that expectant mothers hate Name, everyone is really curious about the gender of the fetus, but too much discussion will also bring pressure to the mother. Outsiders think it's good to have a son, and think that the mother will be happy to hear it, but no one knows whether the mother-to-be likes boys or girls. Women are already very anxious and stressed during pregnancy. If everyone thinks that she is carrying a boy, she will be afraid that she will disappoint everyone and increase her anxiety. After the baby is born, if the gender of the baby is the same as the expectant mother expected, everyone will be happy. If it is different from the expectant mother's guess, there will be a huge psychological gap. Candy's mother said: For mothers, the baby's health and happiness is the most important thing. Originally, the mother-to-be didn't think too much every day. Instead, some casual discussions and guesses from family members or outsiders made her anxious. If you have expectant mothers around you, don't discuss the gender of the fetus easily. [Today's topic] What do you think of the words "beautiful girls and ugly girls"?
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