Why can babies sleep until dawn on milk, but always wake up on breast milk? It's not the breast milk's fault

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Why can babies sleep until dawn on milk, but always wake up on breast milk? It's not the breast milk's fault

Someone once investigated and recorded the sleep situation of nearly 300 infants and found that only 10.2% of the 6-month-old infants could sleep until dawn. Many people think that breastfeeding mothers are more labor-saving to bring their babies. They don't need to get up at night to make milk powder for their babies. They can directly hold them and breastfeed them. In fact, breastfeeding mothers also have their own troubles. Expectant mothers may not have to wash bottles and boil hot water, but they may wake up more at night.

The baby wakes up frequently at night to breastfeed, and the mother complains that he is not easy to take.

My friend gave birth to a second baby boy some time ago, From the confinement period, she complained that Erbao did not have a big treasure to take with her. The main reason was that Erbao often used breast milk at night. As a result, she could not rest well, her back was sore, and her mother-in-law questioned that the baby would wake up hungry because the breast milk was not nutritious. When Dabao was a child, he rarely got up at night. After confinement, he sometimes only ate milk powder once at night, and sometimes he could sleep all night. Friends are very puzzled, the same is his own child, why is there such a big difference? It was obviously for Erbao's good to breastfeed him, but it made both adults and children unable to sleep well. What went wrong? This situation is all too familiar to sugar mothers, and I believe that many new parents have had the same experience. Babies often wake up at night when breastfeeding, but sleep soundly on formula milk. It's not the breast milk's fault, and it's not the baby's fault. It is precisely because of the advantages of breast milk that this happens, don't blame mom and baby.

Why do breastfed babies wake up easily at night? Related to the "advantages" of breast milk

Breast milk and formula have their own advantages, and more and more young parents are returning to the traditional way of breastfeeding. The process and nutrients of breastfeeding cannot be replaced by milk powder. Breastfed babies wake up easily for several reasons. Breast milk is easier to digest than formula. One of the most obvious advantages of breast milk is that it is better for the baby to digest and absorb, especially for the baby in the confinement, which does not bring less burden to the stomach. It is precisely because of this that the breast milk is digested faster by the baby compared with the same milliliter of breast milk and formula, and the baby is hungry faster and will wake up frequently. Breast milk soothes the baby. Breast milk is also known as the baby's natural sleeping agent. In fact, the ingredients in it can make the baby feel comfortable. In addition, there is a special sense of security in the mother's arms, and the baby is more prone to sleepiness. Therefore, in the process of breastfeeding, if you do not fall asleep when you are full, you will be hungry faster. Breastfed babies are more dependent on their mothers for breastfeeding during infancy, which can quickly enhance the relationship between mothers and babies, while babies who drink milk powder build up a sense of dependence slower. This causes the breastfed baby to miss her mother very much when she wakes up at night. Sometimes she is not hungry, she just wants her mother to hug her. However, the original advantages of breast milk may become a small disadvantage in the process of bringing the baby. If you want to continue breastfeeding, but do not want the baby to wake up frequently, you can try the following methods.

A breastfed baby can't wake up until dawn, try this

You can't see the specific amount of milk when your baby is breastfed, eat Milk powder can see how many milliliters you eat each time, so breastfeeding is not enough. First of all, parents should ensure that the baby sleeps only when the breast milk is full. Generally speaking, the baby swallows more continuously during the breastfeeding process, and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to eat enough. If the baby falls asleep after only 5 minutes of breastfeeding before going to bed at night, he may wake up hungry in less than an hour. A full-fed baby can last at least 2-3 hours at night without being hungry. When it is time to add complementary food, add complementary food to the baby in time. Babies around 6 months old only eat breast milk and can't help but be hungry. Secondly, if the baby wakes up at night, it does not necessarily have to be fed. In the case of ensuring that the baby is full, if the baby wakes up within 1 hour, it is not necessarily because of hunger. The sleep pattern of a baby is different from that of an adult. His deep sleep mode and light sleep mode are basically switched every 45 minutes. Some babies can fall asleep when they roll over, and most babies can continue to sleep after a few pats. If parents mistakenly think that they are hungry, they will pick up their children to coax or breastfeed them, which will actually make them more awake. In addition to breastfeeding, the baby may wake up at night because of the characteristics of the sleep pattern, or because the diaper is not wet and dirty. If these problems are solved, the baby can continue to sleep without breastfeeding.

It's not the fault of breastfeeding that the baby is not easy to carry. It is very common for mothers and their families to find the right way

Phenomenon, but when problems arise, everyone always likes to complain and blame each other. This not only does not solve the problem, but also makes the family atmosphere very tense. It is not the fault of breast milk that babies wake up frequently at night. If the breast milk is enough for the baby to eat, there is no need to switch the baby to formula feeding. In addition, don't always let one person take care of the baby at night, because no one can stay up for too long. With mutual understanding and care, life with a baby will be smoother. Candy mom's heart: Every baby has his own sleep and feeding patterns, so change the aimless way of taking your baby to finding his rhythm. It will be difficult at first, but gradually you will become more comfortable. [Today's topic] Does your baby often wake up at night on breast milk or formula?
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