Under this age, it is really not recommended to eat moon cakes for babies

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Under this age, it is really not recommended to eat moon cakes for babies

Among the traditional Chinese festivals, apart from the New Year, the most important festival for every family is the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th. Children carry lanterns through the streets and alleys during festivals, and eat moon cakes of various styles and flavors. There is no more happy childhood time than this. But every year after the Mid-Autumn Festival, some children get sick and hospitalized because of eating moon cakes. What exactly is this? Can't children eat moon cakes? At present, the moon cakes on the market are generally dominated by red bean paste, five kernels, coconut and egg yolk. Now, with the upgrading of production technology, snow skin moon cakes and even moon cakes made of various meat fillings have appeared. The traditional mooncake dough requires a lot of oil to make. Snow skin mooncakes contain less fat than traditional mooncakes, but much higher sugar content than traditional mooncakes. The delicious way of filling is high fat, high sugar, and a variety of seasonings. So it's really not very friendly to young children.

How old and how much can a child eat moon cakes?

Children under the age of 1, it is recommended not to eat it; between 1 and 3 years old, you can give the baby about one tenth of the amount; babies over 3 years old can only eat moon cakes at most each time a quarter of . Because the child's body organs are not fully developed, especially the stomach and intestines can't digest greasy and greasy things. Eating too many moon cakes can easily increase the burden on the stomach, which can cause indigestion, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, a Cantonese-style moon cake weighing about 4 taels contains more than 500 kilocalories, which is equivalent to eating 3 bowls of rice. Therefore, after eating moon cakes, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the baby's staple food that day.

What should my child pay attention to when eating moon cakes?

1. Purchasing in regular and hygienic channels, sanitation and safety are guaranteed. Generally, big brands will list the ingredients and nutrients clearly on the outer packaging, so that the baby can eat more at ease. Choose a big brand, food safety is more secure. 2. Check the ingredients list for allergic ingredients. Some babies are allergic to certain ingredients. Especially avoid choosing moon cakes containing allergic ingredients when purchasing. 3. Be careful of moon cakes with hard fruit particles, such as five kernel moon cakes that may have large kernels, or ginkgo moon cakes, etc., are not suitable for children under the age of 3 to avoid choking and breathing due to insufficient chewing. Difficulties and other dangers. 4. Cut into small pieces and chew slowly. Generally speaking, traditional moon cakes are relatively firm. If eaten whole or cut into large pieces, it is often difficult to digest, which is more dangerous for children with weak digestive ability. So try to cut mooncakes into small pieces or small pieces if you want to eat them for children. 5. It is taboo to eat and play around. During the festival, family members get together. Children are unavoidable, but be careful not to let children play around with moon cakes in their mouths. It is easy to choke in the process of running, jumping or laughing. . 6. Eat a small amount at a time, just order it. Don't be too greedy. You can't use moon cakes as the main meal for your children. You should still ensure the amount of three meals a day. During the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, if children are not allowed to eat moon cakes, they always feel that some festive atmosphere is lacking. And the children are relatively young, playful, greedy, and lively, and at this time they need the guidance and teaching of their parents. Let children not only eat moon cakes, experience Chinese traditional culture, but also grow up safely and healthily.
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