There are more and more "new mothers and daughters", and they have become the object of many boys' courtship, saving worry and effort

time:2023-02-07 author:Baby care
There are more and more "new mothers and daughters", and they have become the object of many boys' courtship, saving worry and effort

Wen|Jing Ma had a conflict on the day of the wedding between Sasha and Xiaoyuan in the TV series "Female Psychologist". It turned out that Sasha felt that her husband Xiaoyuan was a "mother boy" and listened to what her mother said. The wedding listens to my mother, and the wedding also listens to my mother. Why do you have to listen to your mother-in-law in everything you get married? Seeing such a mamabao boy really makes many people feel suffocated, and many women have clear requirements for finding a partner: they can't be "mabao boy". However, "Mom's Girl", which is the opposite of "Mom's Boy", is sought after by many men. Many people want to find a "Mom's Girl" when they get married! For example, the skiing genius Gu Ailing has repeatedly said in public: "My mother is the best mother", which actually means that she has a very good relationship with her mother! And Gu Ailing's mother also loves her daughter very much, so Gu Ailing can get to this day, all her mother advises her behind her back. "Mom's baby girl" means: the daughter has a very good relationship with her mother, and the mother also loves her daughter very much!

Why do boys like their wives to be "mothers and daughters"? There are several reasons, very realistic.

The first reason: the dowry will be more. There will be more wedding gifts and dowries. If a mother loves her daughter, in order to let her daughter marry into her husband's family and get more respect, she may pay more attention to the dowry. Work hard on it. For example, if the man comes with a dowry of 200,000 yuan, the dowry may be worth 300,000 yuan. A colleague married a mother-in-law daughter before. He gave 100,000 yuan as a betrothal gift, but his wife married a 200,000-dollar car. After marriage, he lived at his mother-in-law's house for a long time, and his mother-in-law helped them with laundry and cooking. The second reason: I get a subsidy from my mother-in-law from time to time at home. Yesterday, I dined with a friend. He mentioned that his sister has never worked since she got married. Because she gave birth to three children, she takes care of the children at home every day. And his own mother, because she was worried that her daughter had no money to spend, gave her sister three or five thousand from time to time. After his sister got married, she never gave her mother money, but her mother gave money to her sister! If the family conditions are not particularly good, it is indeed a good thing to get the financial support from the mother-in-law. The third reason: when the mother-in-law helps the mother to confine the child during the confinement period, the whole mood will be greatly fluctuated, and the dietary requirements will be higher! Many families may let their mother-in-law take care of the confinement child, which is particularly prone to conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Because the meals prepared by the mother-in-law may not be suitable for the daughter-in-law's appetite, and the mother-in-law will subconsciously love her grandchildren more and ignore the daughter-in-law, which can easily lead to postpartum depression in the mother. But if you marry a baby girl, the mother-in-law will take the initiative to come to the house during confinement confinement, help her daughter confinement, cook her daughter's favorite meals, and take care of her daughter and grandchildren. It is not easy to have conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Even some mothers-in-law will not only take care of their daughters, but also pay for food and drink by themselves. The fourth reason: the mother-in-law helps to take care of the child. Many times, the "mother's baby girl" prefers to let her mother help her take care of the child, because it is more reassuring. In this way, it is not easy to have conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and it also prevents the husband from being caught in the middle. We used to say that girls are "water poured out by married daughters", and many mothers love their sons more, and even ask their daughters to go out to work and earn money to come back and marry their sons. The daughter's wedding gift was also misappropriated by her mother as a dowry gift for her brother and brother to marry a daughter-in-law! But now that fewer children are born, whether they are boys or girls, they are all treasures for mothers. "Mom's baby girl" is generally more confident, more sunny, can view problems more calmly, and is more likely to be liked by boys. (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: Leukemia targets children, doctor: The three kinds of food on the table are the "culprit", don't let the baby eat the 2-year-old child's mouth in the middle of the night Now, my mother took it to the hospital, the doctor: Don't eat this food within 2 years old
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