Childhood leukemia is increasing, restaurant owner: nine kinds of formaldehyde foods, do not give children to eat

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Childhood leukemia is increasing, restaurant owner: nine kinds of formaldehyde foods, do not give children to eat

Text | Jing Ma The incidence of leukemia in my country is on the rise! According to the "2020 White Paper on Children's Blood Diseases in China" released at the end of 2021, the incidence of leukemia in children aged 0-14 is 34.3/million. Leukemia is more importantly related to the environment around us and the food we eat. For example, formaldehyde was classified as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2004! # rumor zero zero plan # In 2014, the National Research Council of the United States made it clear that formaldehyde can cause human leukemia! Jingjing has an uncle who owns a restaurant and goes to the market every day to buy all kinds of food. When he was chatting with us, he mentioned that some unscrupulous vendors try to preserve the food better and make the food look fresher. , some formaldehyde will be used. 37%~40% formaldehyde solution is formalin, and formalin is a very good preservative. All medical students know that the laboratory is full of formalin.

Nine kinds of food should be purchased carefully, otherwise it is easy to buy formaldehyde food, which will lead to leukemia in children

The first kind: baby vegetables have In order to ensure the freshness and appearance of baby vegetables, some illegal traders will soak them in formaldehyde! Type 2: Flammulina velutipes The normal shelf life of enoki mushrooms is only about two days, and some illegal traders add a small amount of formalin in order to extend the shelf life of enoki mushrooms and increase its appearance. Type 3: Chicken Feet Some time ago, I bought a pack of chicken feet on the Internet, and I only took one bite when I came back. I threw it all away, because the chicken feet had a very pungent smell, and it must have been made of formaldehyde. The chicken feet with formaldehyde looked white and had a chewy bite. Type 4: Vermicelli In November 2014, the Liaoning Benxi Public Security Bureau seized a black workshop that used formaldehyde to make "poisonous vermicelli". In 2015, Jinan also discovered poisonous vermicelli, which also used formaldehyde. Because the vermicelli with formaldehyde looks better and chewier. No. 5: Pig skin with formaldehyde looks better in color, crisper and more delicious. Type 6: Pig ears Pig ears look good in color, taste crispy, and may also have formaldehyde added. Type 7: Beef venetian leaves Some small vendors use formaldehyde, flake alkali, and hydrogen peroxide to soak them when dealing with beef venetian leaves, which can whiten and increase weight, as well as anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping. One pound of ox louver becomes 2.7 pounds after soaking with formaldehyde. Type 8: Squid Some time ago, the Huaian court in Jiangsu heard the case of its own production and sale of toxic and harmful food. The defendants in these four cases were all selling squid in the vegetable market! They were both sentenced to prison terms ranging from nine months to a year and a half, mainly for adding formaldehyde to the squid. Type 9: Chicken intestines and pork belly may also add formaldehyde in order to increase the appearance of these foods. Therefore, mothers must pay attention when buying the above 9 kinds of food for their children. If they are too beautiful, they must be vigilant. You can pick them up and smell them. If there is a pungent smell, don't buy them again.

When choosing food for children, pay attention to several principles to make it safer for children to eat

Principle 1: Freshness For example, when buying fruits and vegetables for children, it is best to choose fresh local vegetables and fruits. Such fruits have the highest nutritional value and the freshest. Principle 2: Don't buy things for children from small vendors, try to buy things in supermarkets or regular vegetable markets, and try to avoid buying from some mobile vendors, so the probability of accidents will be lower. Principle 3: Reduce buying frozen fish, such as buying fish for children, some are fresh, some are fresh, if there is fresh, it is better to buy fresh. Children's health needs careful care from parents, and they must be careful when choosing food for their children. (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: Leukemia "prefers" children, the doctor appeals: Don't give the baby a "poison bowl" to eat. The 6-month-old baby suffers from leukemia, which may be related to leukemia. 3 mistakes mothers make during pregnancy, pregnant women should beware
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