"New type of urine" is increasing day by day, children are miserable, and parents are proud to save money

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"New type of urine" is increasing day by day, children are miserable, and parents are proud to save money

Text | After Ying's mother had diapers, many parents were relieved. With diapers, they no longer have to wash their children's diapers every day. Drink milk, you can sleep until dawn. However, some parents do not approve of diapers. They feel that the children are covered with red buttocks when they are covered with diapers. Some parents think that diapers are too expensive. If it is not wet, it will cost hundreds of dollars, and I feel that it is not worth it! But I heard that it is not good to urinate casually for children, so these parents invented a "new type of urine". That is to say, set an alarm clock every day to give the child a fixed time to urinate, such as urinating two minutes after the child finishes drinking milk, or urinating every 4 hours when the child sleeps. This may seem scientific, but in fact it is not a good thing for children. #頂 Zero Zero Plan# For example, if you urinate a child just after drinking milk, it is likely to spit up milk. The child sleeps well at night, but is pulled up by the parent to urinate, which will affect his sleep. conducive to his growth and development. And the child can't speak, it's really miserable! But the parents feel that they have saved another piece of diaper and saved a few dollars, and feel that it is clean and convenient.

"New type of urine" seems to be convenient, but it is not good for children's health, mothers should be aware that

★ will affect children's self-control When a child is young, his ability to control himself is relatively weak. If the parent urinates the child again, it will lead to a worse child's self-control. For example, the child obviously only urinates a little, and the parents finish it, then the child's ability to endure urine is greatly reduced, which will directly affect the child's self-control. ★Affect the child's hip joint. When urinating, the child's feet will be opened, and then stay for a period of time, and the child's joints are still relatively delicate. Can cause hip dislocation. ★Affects the development of the child's bladder The child's bladder is mainly used to hold urine. If the parents often urinate the child, the ability to store the bladder will be greatly reduced. Originally, the child's bladder can hold 300ml of urine, but because the parents started to urinate with only 100ml, it directly affects the child's bladder development! ★Affects the development of the child's spine. Some parents start to urinate when the child is just a month old. When urinating, the child's spine is actually very immature, and often urinating will hurt the child's spine. ★ Violation of the law of growth and development Under normal circumstances, the child can not defecate on his own until about one and a half years old. If the parents give the child feces and urine in advance, it is actually a violation of the law of growth and development. ★Affects the child's sleep at night If the child is sleeping soundly at night, pulling the child up and urinating will affect the child's sleep, and the child's poor sleep will affect the growth and development. In fact, there are many brands of diapers now, which cost hundreds of dollars a month. There is no need to harm the health of children for hundreds of dollars. As for the red buttocks caused by wearing diapers, this is most likely caused by improper parental care.

How can I prevent my child's butt from turning red when wearing diapers? Parents should pay attention to these points

The first one: choose better quality diapers, some diapers are rough, or the breathability is not very strong, the child is indeed prone to red buttocks, so when choosing diapers You can look at a few more brands when it's wet. Number 2: Change diapers in a timely manner. In order to save money, some parents do not change diapers as long as the child does not poop. In fact, the urine in the child's urination will also irritate the child's delicate skin. Under normal circumstances, the baby needs to change the diaper every 4 hours or so. Never let the diaper wrap around the child. too long. The 3rd: Pay attention to use diaper cream for the child to clean the butt after changing the diaper, and use the diaper cream for the child, so as to prevent the child's feces and urine from irritating the buttocks and better prevent red buttocks. It is recommended to take off the diaper after the child is one and a half years old. Toilet training your child. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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