Pregnant women listen to remedies and are admitted to ICU! None of these 9 pregnancy-related rumors are reliable

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Pregnant women listen to remedies and are admitted to ICU! None of these 9 pregnancy-related rumors are reliable

A pregnant mother in Chongqing got a recipe from an old man, saying that eating "olive pork belly" can protect the fetus and get rid of the fetus. So at the 33rd week of pregnancy, I asked my family to make a bowl of olive pork belly, hoping to remove the fetal poison and let the baby be born healthy. Unexpectedly, not long after eating, the pregnant mother had abnormal fetal movement, followed by frequent uterine contractions, accompanied by severe abdominal pain and hypoxia, and was rushed to the hospital by her family. After the doctor's examination, it was found that the pregnant woman had signs of premature birth and unstable fetal heart rate, and she was immediately sent to the ICU for emergency treatment. Of course, there is no clear basis for the series of consequences that pregnant women have caused by eating olive pork belly, because there is no problem with these two foods themselves. What we are going to discuss today is not the olive pork belly, but the so-called home remedies such as what to eat to get rid of fetal poisoning.
  • Eating more fruits during pregnancy will improve the baby's skin in the future
There is no scientific basis for eating more fruits during pregnancy to improve the baby's skin. Fruits are rich in vitamins, but also contain fructose. Excessive consumption is not good for the fetus and pregnant women, and may cause gestational diabetes. There are three major factors that affect the quality of a person's skin, one is heredity, the other is the living environment, and the third is acquired maintenance, which has nothing to do with eating more fruits.
  • Don't eat spicy food during pregnancy, the baby will get pink eye
There is no scientific basis for this statement. Chili is a vegetable rich in vitamins, and reasonable intake is good for pregnant women. What's more, all the food eaten goes into the stomach and has nothing to do with the uterus, and it will not have any effect on the baby in the uterus. During pregnancy, due to changes in body hormone levels, expectant mothers generally have no appetite. Chili can stimulate appetite, but it’s okay to eat it, just don’t have anything to do with the baby!
  • Don't eat rabbit meat during pregnancy, the baby is prone to cleft lip
It is often said that pregnant women must not eat rabbit meat, otherwise the baby will have cleft lip. According to this logic, if you eat chicken during pregnancy, the baby will cry, and if you eat pork, will the baby be stupid? There is no scientific basis for this claim. Rabbit meat has the characteristics of high protein and low fat, and is also rich in lysine needed by the human body. It is beneficial for pregnant women to eat more. As for the cleft lip, most of them are caused by family heredity and environmental factors, as well as viruses, bacteria, etc., and cute little rabbits do not take this blame.
  • Eating goose eggs during pregnancy can detoxify
There is no scientific evidence that goose eggs can detoxify. The so-called fetal poison is actually just some eczema on the skin that is prone to occur in newborns. It is not directly related to what pregnant women eat, it is related to genetics, hormone levels and other factors. Goose eggs are rich in protein. Eating goose eggs in moderation during pregnancy can enhance the immunity of pregnant women and promote fetal development. As for the rest, don't think too much about it.
  • Don't say anything in the first three months of pregnancy, otherwise the child will have a miscarriage
Saying nothing in the first three months of pregnancy has nothing to do with miscarriage. Under normal circumstances, the first three months of pregnancy are the critical period for fetal development and the most unstable and prone to miscarriage. The reason why most people choose not to talk about it is that most people hope that the fetus will be stable and then tell everyone, so as to avoid problems, it is purely personal opinion, and it has nothing to do with miscarriage. As for whether there will be a miscarriage or not, it depends on genetic factors and the physical condition and daily behavior of the pregnant mother.
  • Mothers who are pregnant with girls will become ugly
In the past, old people used to say that mothers who were pregnant with daughters would become ugly and have more freckles on their faces. What a ridiculous lie! The gender of the child does not affect the mother's appearance. During pregnancy, the freckles on the face are caused by changes in hormone levels in the body after a woman is pregnant. Of course, it is also related to factors such as poor sleep quality, which will gradually recede after childbirth.
  • If you eat soy sauce during pregnancy, the baby will turn black
The black and white of the baby's skin is related to heredity and has no necessary connection with eating soy sauce. It is impossible for the pigment of soy sauce to enter the fetus through the placenta. Therefore, eating soy sauce has nothing to do with the baby's skin. Soy sauce is just a condiment and can be eaten in moderation.
  • Alkaline constitution is easy to give birth to boys
There are many folk sayings about boys and girls, which are very popular. For example: boys with alkaline constitutions, girls with acidic constitutions, girls with sour children, girls with fat waists, and sons with pointed belly... There are also some superstitious mother-in-laws who use various alkaline recipes to adjust their bodies before their daughters-in-law get pregnant, so as to help them get pregnant. A boy doing hard work. In fact, the acid-base constitution itself is a pseudo-concept, and it has nothing to do with having boys or girls. The human body itself is a weak alkaline constitution, too high or too low will cause physical discomfort, how can "alkaline substances" be changed at will.
  • A girl with a round belly and a boy with a pointed belly
This statement is unreliable. The belly shape of a pregnant woman has nothing to do with the gender of the child. It only depends on the size of the pregnant woman, the shape of the pelvis, the shape of the spine, and the thickness of the abdominal muscles. In addition, it is also related to the size of the fetus. If the fetus is large, the mother's belly may be pointed, and if the fetus is small, the mother's belly may be relatively flat. There are many legends and remedies in the folk, but most of the remedies have not been scientifically demonstrated and have no scientific basis. Therefore, don't step into the "pit" of remedies, and scientific breeding is the first choice.
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