This dairy product is prone to tooth decay and suffocation risk, so don't eat it before the age of 3

time:2023-02-02 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
This dairy product is prone to tooth decay and suffocation risk, so don't eat it before the age of 3

Sweet milk tablets make many children fall in love with them. Some parents who resolutely prevent their children from eating snacks are also very tolerant of milk tablets, especially children who don’t drink milk, thinking that eating milk tablets is like drinking milk, which can supplement calcium. But in fact, not all milk tablets can be eaten openly by children, or even replace milk! 1. Milk tablets cannot replace the nutrition of milk Although milk tablets are formulated with milk powder as the main raw material, during the processing process, due to the high temperature, many of the nutrients contained in them are almost lost. There are also some unscrupulous merchants who do not use milk powder, but use creamer directly. A reporter from the Beijing News once investigated 36 milk tablets sold in the Beijing market and found that over 40% of the products used non-dairy ingredients such as non-dairy creamer and milk-containing food base powder. Moreover, the amount of core ingredients added in some products is not clear, that is to say, what is added to these milk tablets is not indicated on the ingredient list. The "non-dairy creamer" is the creamer. It is a kind of food additive with milk taste, which is synthesized by corn syrup, vegetable oil and emulsifier. The hydrogenated vegetable oil in non-dairy creamer contains trans fatty acids, which are not good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. If children eat it regularly, it is likely to increase the risk of obesity. As for the calcium content in milk tablets, because there is no labeling of calcium content in the nutritional composition table of milk tablets, and there is no uniform standard for the labeling of milk content, some even do not, so it is difficult for us to calculate a milk tablet. How much calcium is in it, and I don't even know if it contains calcium. Even if the milk powder content of most milk tablets currently on the market is 40%-60%, we drink 1 cup of milk every day to supplement 300 mg of calcium, and the same amount of calcium may require eating 30-50 tablets or even more Lots of milk flakes. Not to mention whether children can eat so much, even if they do, the various sugars and additives they eat at the same time are what we should be more worried about. Therefore, no matter how you compare, milk tablets cannot replace milk. 2. How to choose milk tablets suitable for children However, this does not mean that milk tablets cannot be eaten at all. It is still ok to eat them occasionally. The key is to buy the right ones. Mothers can refer to the following suggestions: 1. Milk with good ingredients The first one should be the milk powder, and the one with the short ingredient list should be selected. The shorter the ingredient list, the less other substances are added. In addition, if there is non-dairy creamer in the ingredient list, it is recommended not to buy it. 2. Nutritional composition Regarding nutrition comparison, we mainly look at calcium content and calcium-sodium ratio! Not to mention the importance of calcium, of course, the more content in 100 grams, the better! The calcium-sodium ratio (calcium content/sodium content) mentioned here is to tell you how much calcium this milk tablet contains. Generally, this value is greater than 1, which means that you eat more calcium than sodium. Of course, the larger the ratio, the better. 3. High protein content and high lactose content Protein is a very important substance for children to grow up! Generally, the higher the protein content, the better, and the high lactose content is also recommended! Generally, lactose is a natural sugar in dairy products. Its sweetness is not high, and it is not easy for children to develop dependence on sweets! Here, there are three points to remind you about the children's milk tablets:
  • First, it is not recommended for children under the age of three to eat milk tablets, because the area is large and the chewing ability of younger children is not strong. , It is easy to get stuck in the throat and have an accident!
  • Two: Children should not take more than 4 milk tablets a day. Since milk tablets are a kind of snack, it is not recommended for children to eat too much, and it is still okay to eat occasionally! Try not to exceed 4 tablets a day!
  • Third: The main thing that babies need to supplement is milk. Milk tablets can't replace milk. If you really want to supplement your child's nutrition, you still need to drink milk!
In short, it's not that children can't eat snacks, but parents must learn to buy and control the amount. After all, childhood without any snacks is a pity!
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