How to make children fall in love with reading? Parents in the era of big language, start from cultivating interest in reading

time:2023-02-07 author:Cry
How to make children fall in love with reading? Parents in the era of big language, start from cultivating interest in reading

Know how to read, know how to read, and enjoy reading. Parents can improve their children’s inner drive in 3 steps and make their children fall in love with reading. When we go to school, the saying “Learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well, and you will not be afraid to travel all over the world” is widely circulated. There is a reason why this sentence is widely circulated. First, if you learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well, you will be able to find a job better in the future. Second, as a Chinese, everyone's Chinese scores are not much different, so it is difficult to widen the gap. With the reform of the high school entrance examination system in recent years, the proportion of traditional culture in the Chinese examination is getting higher and higher. As a result, education experts have expressed that the era of big language has come, and parents have begun to pay attention to the learning of traditional culture. As a language subject, Chinese has many knowledge points and is scattered, and the learning methods are very different from other subjects. It is difficult to make progress through short-term tutoring. Many teachers and students who are good at learning Chinese agree that reading more and paying attention to daily accumulation is the only way to learn Chinese well.

Learning Chinese is the key to learning Chinese.

How can I help my children learn Chinese? For this question, Confucius gave us the correct answer more than 2,000 years ago, that is, "those who know are not as good as those who are good, and those who are good are not as good as those who are happy". In the matter of cultivating children to read, cultivating children's interest in reading and becoming a happy reader is the key to falling in love with reading, and it is the key to learning Chinese well. Knowledge of learning, love of learning, and joy of learning are the three realms of learning, and one level is higher than the other. Although knowledge is the first layer of learning, many children still cannot do it. Knowledge means that children know the importance of learning and that learning is their own task. When children internalize learning in their hearts and externalize them in their actions, and establish a lifelong belief in reading and learning, they enter the stage of eagerness to learn. Children will regard reading as a spiritual pursuit, a life attitude, and a responsibility, and the learning at this time has both depth and breadth. The first two reading realms are still in the stage of being forced and unwilling. As the highest state of learning, it is the ultimate goal pursued by parents and children—children regard learning as an interest and enjoy learning. In other words, the child evolves from "you want to learn" to "I want to learn".

How to make children fall in love with reading?

1. Read books that children like to make children fall in love with reading. My method is to start reading from the types of books that children like. If the child likes heroes, read "Water Margin" to the child; if the child likes adventure, read "Journey to the West" to the child. If children like to fight, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is also a good choice. If the child likes the love between children, then forget it. Don't read "Dream of Red Mansions" first, let's talk about it later. 2. Set an achievable goal When you first start cultivating children to read, parents should not be too hasty. As soon as they come up, they require their children to read for an hour or even a few hours a day. You can start with tens of minutes and half an hour. In addition to setting the reading time, we can also set the number of pages for children to read, starting from a few pages at the beginning, and gradually increasing to a dozen or dozens of pages. 3. Create an environment If parents want their children to fall in love with reading, they must create an environment suitable for reading. For example, when children are reading, parents can also choose a book to read. If you really can't do it, at least don't play mobile phones or watch TV around your child, and keep quiet. 4. Give a chance to show off When the child reads a story or a book, we should give the child a chance to show off, and let the child retell the story or his favorite characters to you. Don't underestimate the process of retelling, it can not only increase the accuracy and firmness of the child's memory of the book content, but also enhance the child's self-confidence. This helps boost your child's motivation to read and encourages him to keep going.
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