When does a baby recognize someone? The frequent appearance of several signals indicates that the "mother recognition period" has arrived

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When does a baby recognize someone? The frequent appearance of several signals indicates that the "mother recognition period" has arrived

My best friend is so happy that she has just been promoted to be a mother. She has been sharing with us all aspects of her motherhood, including the issue of children's recognition. The baby is almost three months old, and my girlfriend feels that the baby seems to have started to recognize people a little recently. At home, if it is not for her to hold, as long as it takes a long time, the baby will start to turn to her. Moreover, now others will not let him hug him, and cry when they touch him. Therefore, most of the tasks of caring for the children at home fell on her. All day long, as long as I can't see myself, I cry. My girlfriend said that this feeling is both hard and happy. Being able to be so "needed" by the baby, I believe many mothers are very happy in their hearts. This feeling of being attached to the baby makes them very enjoy and cherish this wonderful time very much. So, when do babies start to recognize people?

Babies start to recognize people

Generally speaking, babies start to recognize people gradually from three months, saying " "Mother in March", this statement is actually justified. It is not easy for a baby to recognize his mother. From the perspective of growth and development, newborns have very poor eyesight and almost no image intuition. In their eyes, what they see is blurred, and naturally they cannot distinguish between their mother's face and other people's faces. With the increase of months, their vision development will gradually become clear, until three months later, the baby has gradually been able to distinguish the surrounding things, and can recognize their faces for mothers who often take care of themselves. Therefore, the behavior of recognition will gradually arise. Of course, for other people who often take care of the baby, although he can't tell who these people are, because he is often taking care of himself, the baby will also have a familiar feeling. When the baby is seven months old, the baby has been able to distinguish between parents and mothers, other family members and strangers through their own eyes. At this time, they will be more recognizable and will rely more on their closest caregiver - mother. . Therefore, after becoming a mother, you will find that after the baby starts to recognize people, there is almost no time to go to the toilet. So, how do you know that the baby already knows his mother? In fact, these are all traces to follow. Generally speaking, when the baby can recognize his mother, there will be some manifestations.

Several manifestations of the baby recognizing the mother

Performance 1: prefer to smile at the mother When the baby is gradually familiar with the mother's face and recognizes it, they will I prefer to smile at my mother, and sometimes even stop during feeding, look at my mother and smile before continuing to eat. Mothers should know this very well. When they are teasing their babies, they will also like to smile at themselves. Of course, babies are not like this to everyone. Only the people closest to them will show a happy smile, so when parents find out that babies like to smile happily at their mothers, it means that they have known their mothers. Performance 2: Will take the initiative to look for the mother and the baby will like her to stay together more after the baby recognizes the mother. Whether it's sleeping or playing, they feel extra reassured to be around their mother. When others want to hug him, they will refuse very much, and take the initiative to look for his mother. After finding him, he will be very happy, and sometimes he will take the initiative to ask his mother to hug him. Performance 3: They are very dependent on their mothers, especially when they are emotional, hungry, or encounter some things that make them afraid, they will very much hope to be comforted and embraced by their mothers. As long as they are close to their mothers, their emotions can be quickly stabilized, which also makes them more and more dependent on their mothers. Therefore, when the baby recognizes the motherhood, mothers should do a good job in the relationship with the baby, and have some intimate interactions with them to better establish the parent-child relationship. However, if the baby is too dependent, it will also cause some sweet burdens to the mothers, so there are a few points to pay attention to when taking care of the baby.

Several points for taking care of your baby

1. Pay attention to the role of the father. Taking care of the baby is not the responsibility of the mother alone, and fathers should also participate in it. In order to make the baby better acquainted with the father, during the fetal period, the father's prenatal education must be done well, so that the fetus can be familiar with the father's voice in addition to the mother's voice. In this way, after the birth, the father can take care of him more easily. 2. Family members take turns to bring the baby If someone at home helps to bring the baby, you can consider letting the family take turns to bring the baby, so that the baby can get acquainted with other family members. In this way, in addition to the mother, the baby will also love other family members more. If the mothers have something to deal with, they can also leave for a while, so that the baby will not stick to themselves and can't do anything. 3. Let the baby get familiar with the taste of the father. Some fathers are very hard. They work outside all day and take care of the baby. It is the mother's business. If the father cannot stay with the baby for a long time, the mother can wear the father's clothes and hug them. Familiarize them with the taste of Daddy. When dad comes back, you can use mom's clothes so that the baby can quickly get acquainted with himself, so as to avoid them being overly dependent on mom. Conclusion: However, each baby's development is different. For most babies, they start to recognize people from three months, and some may be earlier or later. However, it is also necessary to pay attention here. If mothers find that their babies have no feeling about recognizing people, they cannot respond to familiar people around them, and they are far behind other children. And, with other developmental problems. Then, parents must pay attention to it and go to the hospital to find a doctor in time to see a doctor, so as to avoid other problems that may cause the development of the baby to fall behind. At what age did your children start to recognize people? (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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