How to carry out early childhood sexual education enlightenment? Heterosexual parents are the key, and there is also a way to get along with children

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How to carry out early childhood sexual education enlightenment? Heterosexual parents are the key, and there is also a way to get along with children

Xiao Zhang took the children to the playground because the weather was too hot. The child immediately sweated profusely while playing, and ran over to beg his mother to buy her ice cream. After buying the ice cream, the daughter lifted up her clothes while eating the ice cream, exposing her belly. This action of the child is to dissipate heat, but when Xiao Zhang sees his head, he says to the child, "Put down your clothes quickly. You can't lift your clothes when you go out. This is very impolite and dangerous." Looking at his daughter's half-understood eyes, Xiao Zhang made up his mind to talk about this matter with his daughter. After taking their daughter home, Xiao Zhang and her husband decided to give their daughter a sex education enlightenment class. In order to let their daughter understand what sex is and the dangers of not understanding sex education, the two searched a lot of cases, but they did not expect to see a lot of children who were hurt because they didn't have sex education, and many bear children who didn't receive sex education were hurt. other people. These bloody cases made Xiao Zhang and his wife realize that it is never too late to give their children a good sex education. Today, the impact of sex education on children has been gradually realized. Sex education for young children is not as obscure as it used to be, and it can never be brought to the table. Regarding the sex education of young children, the most urgent thing for parents is to hope that sex education can protect the child's personal safety and ensure that the child will not be hurt and deceived by bad people because of ignorance and ignorance.

What are the stages of a child's perception of sexuality?

When a child is about three years old, sexual awareness begins to sprout. At this time, parents do not give their children sex education, and children will explore on their own. The way of exploration is innate curiosity, and they begin to have a strong curiosity about their own body structure and that of others. Three-year-olds can not only explore with their eyes and hands, but also learn through language. If it is not during this period, children will not understand the private parts of their own bodies, and they will become more curious about the private parts of others. At about the age of seven, sexual psychology begins to develop, but children at the age of six or seven are still immature, and because they are curious and ignorant about sex, they are easily deceived by others. I believe that everyone has seen such incidents in many cases: children in elementary school were molested by older men because of a candy and a few dollars. What is even more distressing is that after these children were hurt, they didn't even feel that they were hurt, so they never asked their parents for help. It was not until the incident happened that their own bodies suffered huge damage, and the parents didn't know what happened to their children. As the children gradually grow up, they reach the age of 12, and at this time they reach the age of junior high school. With the advent of puberty, their bodies and minds have begun to develop substantially, and their sexual and psychological activities are more intense than before. Parents at this time basically avoided talking about sex at home in order to prevent their children from falling in love early. But it is precisely because of their parents' lack of education that children around the age of 13 are prone to do wrong things because of curiosity and impulsiveness. This shows that there is no need to delay sex education.

How is sex education taught to children?

Many families already know the importance of sex education, but the question of how to start and how to proceed? In fact, sex education is not so mysterious. As long as you look at it with a normal mentality, you can educate your children well. If parents are always biased and shy about sex education, it will only exacerbate the opposite effect and make children more curious. In sex education, in addition to allowing children to have a more correct understanding of the organs of the body, it is also necessary to let the child understand that there are many bad people in the world who will do things to harm children in these areas, so as to improve the child's vigilance consciousness. Finally, it is necessary to do a good job of sex education according to the little things in life. Among them, the relationship between parents of the opposite sex and their children is the most important.

How can heterosexual parents teach their children sex education?

Point 1: Pay attention to physical privacy In summer, parents of the opposite sex must pay attention to physical privacy when they get along with their children. Don't change clothes in front of the baby, and also tell the children: girls don't change clothes in front of dad, boys don't change clothes in front of mother, so that they can really realize the privacy of the body. Point 2: Do not be too intimate with the opposite sex. Parents of the opposite sex must pay attention to their words and deeds when they get along with their children. Since children have gender awareness at the age of three, they should start sleeping in separate rooms with their children to help them develop Independence. Don't be overly involved in your child's life when you're with your child. Point 3: The most important thing for children to grow up is to want their children to have a real sense of independence. Heterosexual parents must remember to give them room to grow. If the baby appears, the behavior of relying too much on the parents shows that the psychology is immature, and it is easy to have an eclectic or eclectic psychology. Conclusion: Those children who have been harmed because of lack of sex education, and others who have harmed others, have a lot to do with the irresponsibility of their parents. It is precisely because parents cannot view sex education with a correct attitude, so that children have vague and shy concepts about sex, and even if they are hurt, they do not know how to ask for help. Giving children a good sex education can prevent them from being harmed by bad people and prevent them from hurting others. With healthy sexual knowledge, they can reasonably relieve their curiosity about sex. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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