The husband and wife divorced, and the daughter asked her father to celebrate her mother's birthday and was rejected. Only the child's injured world was completed

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The husband and wife divorced, and the daughter asked her father to celebrate her mother's birthday and was rejected. Only the child's injured world was completed

During the nine-year period from 2012 to 2020, the national crude divorce rate was between 2.29‰ and 3.36‰. "Dad is still the good father, and mother is still your good mother, but we are not a good husband and wife together." This is what a man said to his children after his divorce from his wife. Regardless of the reason for the divorce, children's love for their parents will not change much. There are behaviors between adults who want to avoid suspicion, but children do not understand.

Daughter asks her father to wish her mother a happy birthday after divorce is rejected

Should husband and wife keep in touch after divorce? This issue is not only related to two people. If both parties have formed a family, they must consider it if they want to connect. Sugar Mom swiped a conversation between a little girl and her father on the Internet. The father's reply caused controversy. Many people sighed: "Only the world where children are injured is completed." Mother's birthday, the 8-year-old daughter sent a message to her father on the phone watch, and wanted her father to celebrate her mother, otherwise her mother would be sad. But the father refused, he told the girl: "Mom has many friends to bless her, she will not be sad". The girl did not give up after being rejected, but in the end her wish did not come true. When I first saw this conversation, Tang Mom turned to a lot of people who said that this father was cold-blooded, not only hurt the girl's heart, but also did too much to his ex-wife. It was right to divorce at the beginning. But then the girl's mother came forward to respond, and things changed, and things might not be the same as what everyone saw.

The husband and wife are looking for a divorced man again, and it becomes complicated to say "Happy Birthday"

The girl's mother said that her ex-husband is a very good person , to be gentle and patient with children, and to know the sense of proportion. After the two divorced, the custody of the child belongs to the ex-husband, because the woman still lives in the local area, it is more convenient to look after the child and take care of the child. Usually, I don't contact my ex-husband, except for children's problems. The conversation between the daughter and the father was posted on the Internet by the mother with the consent of the child. After the girl knew that many people were complimenting her, she also asked her mother to convey her thanks to everyone. In fact, there is nothing "wrong" in this matter, the girl just wants her mother to get birthday wishes. Her father separated when she was 4 years old, she was sensitive but not malicious. Although the father rejected his daughter, his tone was very gentle, and he was still comforting the child. He was indeed a gentle and patient person as the woman said. As for why the father rejected his daughter, in fact, it can be understood from another angle. From the perspective of the father's current partner, if he finds that his husband (boyfriend) sends a message to his ex-wife, he will feel a little uncomfortable even if he doesn't quarrel, and maybe his attitude towards the girl will change. Therefore, he rejected his daughter and verified what Bao Ma said from another angle. He has a sense of proportion.

Divorce for husband and wife is "relief", but only the child's wounded world is completed

As can be seen from the previous dialogue, this couple Husband and wife are considered "peaceful divorce". The woman has the opportunity to take care of the child, and the two do not communicate often, but the relationship is not so tense. The reason for the divorce of a husband and wife may be due to incompatible personalities, or because one party has made a serious mistake, or even just feel that they have no feelings. When all kinds of situations happen, the husband and wife feel "released" and free when they end the marriage, but let the children fall into grief. The child did nothing wrong, but he had to bear the fact that his father or mother had a person who did not live by his side. After finally getting used to the single-parent family life, I may also face the situation that both parents remarried and have children. If the step-parents and step-mothers treat them as if they were their own, it will be fine, otherwise the children's life will only get more and more difficult. Therefore, the beginning, management and end of a marriage must be carefully and cautiously, otherwise in the end, only the world where children are injured will be completed.

In order to minimize the "injury" of children after divorce, pay attention to the following things

The number of single-parent families in my country exceeds 2,000 Ten thousand households, even if each couple has only one child, the situation of these children is still worrying. Divorce is not a sin. If a couple hurts their children because of divorce, they must reflect and make changes in time. Do not deprive the child of the opportunity to get along with the non-guardian. On the premise that the other party has a good character and good temperament, and there are not many conflicts between the husband and wife during the divorce, if the child misses the "non-guardian" very much, it cannot be imposed. Both parties can agree on the frequency of meeting with the child, such as winter and summer vacations, birthdays and other important festivals. In another way, let the child continue to experience the life of father and mother's love. The love for the child will only increase. Divorce is the decision of the adult, and the child is only passively bearing it. But many people feel depressed after divorce, and even treat their children as a bucket of anger, but they never thought that their children should not bear these things. After a couple divorces, their love for their children should not diminish. The guardian fulfills the responsibility of taking care of the child with heart and loves the child even more. The non-guardian will pay the living expenses in place, so that the child's life can be guaranteed, and the child should not be allowed to pay for the mistakes of the adults. Candy's mother said in her heart: After a divorce, an adult is no longer a husband and wife, but the parent's status has not changed, and the responsibilities that should be performed cannot be avoided. The child feels care and happiness, and can live happily in a single-parent family. Don't let her lose her trust and yearning for marriage since she was a child. [Today's topic] Do you think that after a couple divorces, it is still necessary to bless each other on their birthday?
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