Bao's mother worked as a dishwasher in her son's kindergarten and was satisfied with the 1600 salary, but was questioned and embarrassed for her child

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Bao's mother worked as a dishwasher in her son's kindergarten and was satisfied with the 1600 salary, but was questioned and embarrassed for her child

The proportion of young Chinese parents staying home full-time has gradually increased to about 58.6%, of which post-95s full-time mothers accounted for more than 82%. The situation of stay-at-home mothers, who have not experienced it personally, is difficult to empathize with, so their actions are always misunderstood or even ridiculed. Many people think that stay-at-home moms wait until their kids go to kindergarten before they can go out and look for jobs, but most stay-at-home moms sugar moms meet don't. Some people say that stay-at-home mothers are "poor." Some people say that they are just slacking off on the excuse of having children.

Bao Ma works as a dishwasher in her child's kindergarten, earning 1600 per month

A treasure mother in Henan is very excited to talk to Everyone shared that she found a job as a dishwasher in her son's kindergarten, with a monthly salary of 1,600 yuan. The reason Baoma is happy is that she can finally find a job and does not delay picking up and dropping off her children every day. She felt that if she wanted to do such a job, she had to let go of her hypocrisy and attitude. Clear thinking and such positive three views have attracted the envy of many people who have come here. Because such a job was the dream of countless treasure mothers, including sugar mothers, there are very few similar jobs in life. But when Bao Ma happily shared the news, someone in the comments sneered at her. A person who works hard to make money and live an active life, belittled to nothing.

Bao Ma's role as a dishwasher has caused controversy and was questioned to shame her children

Some netizens said Bao Ma, do it better at your age what's wrong? You can learn some skills and earn more money so that your children can live a better life. There are also many unmarried girls who feel that if they have studied for more than ten years, and finally have to live a full-time life with a baby and only work as a dishwasher, wouldn't their life be hopeless. Among the various comments, the most heart-wrenching sentence for Sugar Mom was that some people felt that she had embarrassed her child. The netizen explained eloquently that today's children know everything, they can tell the difference between a parent's bright job and a dishwasher, and complaining that Baoma is just touching herself. Unsurprisingly, his views were refuted by many people, and Tang Mama, as a past person, also wanted to speak up for this treasured mother. I earn 1,600 yuan a month, but if I can pick up and drop off my children in person, I might even see my children a few times in kindergarten. This may not be the best and most glamorous job, but it should be the most suitable job for a stay-at-home mother who has just left the family.

It's a shame for Mom to be a dishwasher? Why is the workplace so demanding on women

In most jobs today, it is impossible to pick up and take care of children during commute time. If a stay-at-home mom goes to work with no child to take care of, it doesn't make sense for her to earn more. This mother who was ridiculed and ridiculed reminded Tang Mom of the incident that a certain coffee was suspected of discriminating against working mothers. On the coffee tape, it was written that "every working mother owes her child a word of apology". The situation of working mothers is very difficult, and it is not easy to find a job. And these words are like accusing full-time mothers of neglecting their children because of work? Sugar Mom saw a question in the "Working Mom Survival Report" before, and working moms are confused: Why is it that I work to make money, even if I make more money than men, people will still acquiesce that taking care of family and children after get off work is still a problem. my task. Although the coffee merchants later explained and apologized, many people did not buy it, because everyone felt that it would be too harsh to say this to expectant mothers. The one who should be said sorry is the working mother who was hurt by this sentence. Taking a step from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom, women feel guilty not only for not being able to spend more time with their children, but also a sense of accomplishment, because she can finally have her own income.

A mother's job shames her child? Let go of prejudice to see beauty

Bao mother is very satisfied with the job, but it is considered to be embarrassing to the child. She must be very sad, but she will not give up this hard-won job easily. There are many industries that have long been considered shameful to children, including sanitation workers, cleaners and service workers. No matter who does the job, there should be no prejudice and discrimination, and every job deserves respect. If there are no sanitation personnel, there will be no clean and tidy streets, and there will be no hygienic public places without cleaning personnel. If there are no service personnel when you go out, is everything done by yourself? If parents do not emphasize to their children the importance of occupations, the children will not feel ashamed. Otherwise, during the summer vacation, there will be no children who help parents sweep the streets, and there will be no "little bosses" who set up stalls with their parents. What Candy Mom said in her heart: Although Candy Mom hopes that the previous Bao Mom can find a job with a higher salary and a better environment, she does not feel that her current job is a shame for her child. If you can make your children and all kindergarten babies use clean utensils, it can be regarded as a part of their own efforts. It is too late for the children to know that they are happy. [Today's topic] What do you think of the choice of being a dishwasher in your child's kindergarten?
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